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Resolution Chart

Shots here are of the PIMA/ISO 12233 standard resolution test chart (more of which are available in our comparison database). This resolution chart allows us to measure the actual performance of the lens and sensor system. It measures the ability of the camera to resolve lines at gradually higher resolutions and enables us to provide a definitive value for comparison purposes. Values on the chart are 1/100th lines per picture height. So a value of 8 equates to 800 lines per picture height.

Horizontal resolution

Canon EOS-1D Nikon D1x Canon EOS-D30

Vertical resolution

Canon EOS-1D
Nikon D1x
Canon EOS-D30

5° Diagonal

Canon EOS-1D Nikon D1x Canon EOS-D30

Center circle

Canon EOS-1D Nikon D1x Canon EOS-D30

Measurable findings (three measurements taken for each camera):

Camera Measurement Absolute Res. Extinction Res.
Canon EOS-1D Horiz LPH 1400  * 1700 
Vert LPH  1200  * 1700 
5o Diagonal LPH n/a  n/a 
Horiz LPH 1600  >2000 
Vert LPH 1150  * 1250 
5o Diagonal LPH 900  n/a 
Horiz LPH 1100  * 1350 
Vert LPH 1150  * 1300 
5o Diagonal LPH 1000  n/a 

* Visible moiré artifacts

Definition of terms:

LPH Lines per Picture Height (to allow for different aspect ratios the measurement is the same for horizontal and vertical)
5° Diagonal Lines set on a 5° diagonal
Absolute Resolution Still defined detail (below Nyquist frequency*)
Extinction Resolution Detail beyond camera's definition (becomes a solid gray alias)
n/a Not Available (above the capability of the test chart)
n/v Not Visible (not visible on test results)

* Nyquist frequency defined as the highest spatial frequency where the CCD can still faithfully record
image detail. Beyond the Nyquist frequency aliasing occurs

Overall the EOS-1D does prove to have considerable resolution for its pixel count, as you can see by our measurements it's really not far behind the D1x for horizontal resolution and is considerably better for vertical resolution (more visible in the crops than can be reflected in the numbers). The EOS-1D's resolution seems to be more even and clean than the D1x whose horizontal resolution although impressive does get a little erratic around 1600 lines/picture height.