Colour comparison

The only way to produce a quick visual comparison of the EOS-1D's colour reproduction versus another manufacturers D-SLR (in this case Nikon's D1x) was to shoot a Kodak Q-60R1 colour target at the same exposure, same sensitivity, same tripod under the same lights. To make the comparison even easier all you need to do is roll your mouse over the images below to see the Nikon D1x image, this way you can easily switch between one and another.

Here was the setup used:

  • Illumination: 2 x 800W studio lights with dichroic daylight filters
  • White balance: both cameras manual white balance from a grey card (at 45 degrees)
  • Nikon D1x: ISO 320, Manual Exposure, 1/10 sec, F16, Self Timer
  • Canon EOS-1D: ISO 320, Manual Exposure, 1/10, F16, Self Timer


Canon EOS-1D: Colour Matrix 1 (sRGB). Nikon D1x: F.No 32-I (sRGB)
Download originals: Canon EOS-1D 1,110 KB / Nikon D1x 2,355 KB

It's clear that the D1x prefers more saturated colour and that it has a tendancy for strong reds, it's white balance also appears to be slightly off and the additional strength of red makes this even more visible. It's worth remembering that the EOS-1D has no less than four different sRGB colour matrix settings which would each give slightly different responses to the one above.

Adobe RGB

Remember the colours you're seeing below ARE NOT as intended, your browser is rendering the images in the sRGB colour space, they need to be viewed in the correct colour space to get the correct colour. To do this you'll need to load the originals into a colour space aware photo application (such as Photoshop) and assign the profile 'Adobe RGB'. That said the roll-over comparison is still useful to see any colour / tone preference the camera has.

Canon EOS-1D: Colour Matrix 4 (Adobe RGB). Nikon D1x: F.No 32-II (Adobe RGB)
Download originals: Canon EOS-1D 1,081 KB / Nikon D1x 2,294 KB

The EOS-1D is less contrasty at the top end with more saturated primary colours.