A year on and just as they did with the EOS-D60 Canon announced its successor, the EOS-10D two days before the start of the PMA show. In total it's three years since the original EOS-D30 was announced (although only two since it hit the streets). The EOS-D30 was a camera which changed the face (and price) of digital SLR's for good. At first glance the EOS-10D looks quite similar to the D60 however the changes are fairly significant. Immediately noticeable, especially when you first pick up the EOS-10D is the new magnesium alloy case and restyled softer shape. The body is now made from the same material s the EOS-1D/1Ds and shares quite a few style pointers from those cameras. In this respect many people will see the EOS-10D as the baby EOS-1Ds.

Canon haven't stopped however with the new body and control layout, there are new features like an orientation sensor, improved auto focus (something that really needed addressing), a new and improved LCD monitor, Kelvin selectable white balance, an extended ISO range, more flexible image parameters and interestingly a new manufacturing process for the CMOS sensor. Without a doubt the other most significant thing about the EOS-10D is the price, this camera is already for sale (and shipping) with at US$1,500.