LCD Monitor

At 2.5" the 1000D's screen is the same size as the EOS 400D's and smaller than the 450D's (3.0"). However, the screens of all three cameras offer a resolution of 230,000 dots. Despite the smaller screen size Canon has stuck to the 450D's button layout so, unlike the 400D, the 1000D does not feature any hard buttons to the left of the LCD.

Camera settings display

Like the EOS 400D and the EOS 450D, the EOS 1000D utilizes the main LCD to provide a 'camera settings display' (status panel equivalent). This can be turned on and off by pressing the DISP button. Unlike the 450D, the 1000D does not have a proximity sensor so the display won't automatically disappear if you raise the camera to your eye. Apart from a few very minor cosmetic changes, the display layout is identical to the 450D's. The diagram below summarizes all of the information available on the camera settings display.


The viewfinder's magnification is approximately 0.81x which makes it imperceptibly larger than the 400D's (0.80x) and a little smaller than the 450D's (0.87x). The amount of information displayed on the status bar is identical to the 450D and includes ISO sensitivity.

Viewfinder view

The AF areas in the viewfinder are indicated by a small LED dot in the center of the AF point rectangle. With a depression of the shutter release button (half or full) this dot will briefly light to indicate the selected AF point (either automatic or manual), then blink again once AF has been achieved.

Battery Compartment / Battery

The EOS 1000D's battery compartment is located in the base of the hand grip behind a metal hinged plastic door. The battery fits horizontally into the base and is held in place by a clip. The 1000D utilizes the same battery as the 450D, a Lithium-Ion LP-E5 battery pack which offers a capacity of 1080 mAh. Canon states that CIPA standard testing yields the same battery life.

Battery Charger

The 1000D uses the same battery as the 450D. So unsurprisingly it comes with the same charger as well - the LC-E5E. A full charge from flat takes approximately 90 minutes.

Battery Grip (optional)

The 1000D not only shares a battery and charger, but also a battery grip with the 450D. The BG-E5 can take two LP-E5 batteries or six AA batteries (using different cartridges). The grip is inserted into the battery compartment and screws tight using the tripod mount. Older grips are not compatible with either. camera. The addition of the BG-E5 transforms the handling of the EOS 1000D, particularly when working with larger lenses.

Secure Digital Compartment

After the 450D the 1000D is the second Canon DSLR to rely solely on an SD slot (some EOS-1D models have dual CF / SD slots). Of course the 1000D supports both SD and SDHC cards providing capacities over 4 GB. The 'beware I'm still writing to the card' warning screen and beep we first experienced with the EOS 40D has thankfully made its way to the 1000D as well.


On the left side of the camera are all of the cameras connections, these are protected by a rubber cover which fits flush when closed. In summary from top to bottom: Video Out, Remote terminal (E3 type), USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed).