Record menu

Pressing the MENU button while in one of the record modes displays the record menu over the live preview image. Because of space limitations the IXUS v doesn't have a separate button for record mode / exposure compensation / white balance. Instead it combines these three settings with the main MENU button. Exposure compensation and white balance menus are only displayed in Manual record mode.

Record Mode

Select the record mode:

Auto (auto WB, no exp. comp)
Manual (more control)
Panorama left to right
Panorama right to left

(displayed over the current "live view")

Exposure Compensation (manual rec only)

Select exposure compensation (manual rec):

+/- 2 EV in 0.3 EV steps

(displayed over the current "live view")

White Balance (manual rec only)

Select white balance:

Black & White

(displayed over the current "live view")

The menu options from now on are part of the main record menu, to select an option you simply cursor across to the required icon, press SET and the available menu options are displayed in the window pane below. Menu options have been expanded in the captures shown below for clarity.


Selects the image output resolution:

L 1600 x 1200 (CCD native res.)
M 1024 x 768
S 640 x 480


Select the JPEG compression level:
Super-Fine (5 bpp)
Fine (3 bpp)
Normal (2 bpp)


Controls the display of a review image after taking the shot:

Off (No review after taking shot)
2 seconds
10 seconds

File No. Reset

Controls the file naming system used:


The camera uses a running number to name the files (IMG_xxxx.JPG), when set to On this number is reset when a blank card is inserted into the camera (or the card is formatted).


Controls menu and control confirmation sounds:


Format CF card

Formats (erase all content) CF card, note the display of current use and total space:



Enters the record setup menu (described below), displays a summary of current settings.

Record Setup Menu

The record setup menu is arranged in the same manner as the record menu, that is a row of icons which you select using the cursor keys and SET.

Auto Power Down

Controls the power-saving automatic power down of the camera:


Set Date/Time

Set the internal date and time of the camera as well as the date display format.

Video System

Sets the output mode of the video out port on the camera:

NTSC (US / Japan)
PAL (Rest of world)


Sets the menu language for the camera (European model):

• English
• Deutsch
• Francais
• Nederlands
• Dansk
• Suomi
• Italiano
• Norsk
• Svenska
• Espanol

Play Menu

The play menu is slightly different than the record menu in that it appears as six simple icons displayed over the current image.

Single Erase Enters single erase mode, in this mode you can browse and delete images by using the left and right arrows to select and SET to delete.
Erase All Erases all images on the Compact Flash card (except for those which have been protected).
Protect Protects / Unprotects the current image, this sets the files read-only attribute on or off.
Rotate Allows you to rotate the current image by 90 degrees at a time, this rotation is only flagged in the EXIF header of the JPEG file, the final image itself is not rotated.
Auto play Allows you to run a slideshow of images on the card, each image is displayed for three seconds, pressing SET pauses the playback, pressing MENU cancels it.
DPOF print order Allows you to select images for printing on a DPOF compatible printer (note that the IXUS v supports direct printing, that is the connection of a compatible printer; Canon CP-10; directly via the digital I/O port). This option generates a DPOF print order compatible text file on the Compact Flash card.