Manual Record Mode Menu

Pressing the MENU button while in Manual Record mode displays the record menu. Note that there are actually three pages of menus (record, setup and my camera). Shown left is the manual record mode menu. Use the 4-way controller to navigate up and down the menu, use the left and right arrows to change values. The Auto Record mode menu is basically a subset of these options (clip), and the Movie Record mode menu has even fewer options (clip).

Note how the design and menu layout is now much more similar to the EOS-D30/D60, this layout is very easy to understand and quick to navigate. Settings are logically laid out and even the icons are easy to work out, and you can now "wrap around" the menu going either off the top and back onto the bottom or off the bottom and back around at the top.

Record Mode Menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Resolution • L (1600 x 1200)
• M (1024 x 768)
• S (640 x 480)
As you change the resolution option the estimated number of frames available on the CF card is displayed.
Compression • Super-Fine
• Fine
• Normal
As you you change the compression option the estimated number of frames available on the CF card is displayed.
ISO Speed * • Auto
• 50
• 100
• 200
• 400
When Auto ISO Speed is selected the camera will automatically vary ISO sensitivity between ISO 50 and ISO 150 depending on available light.
AiAF * • On
• Off
When AiAF is disabled the camera reverts to a single center AF point.
Digital Zoom • On
• Off
Self-timer * • 10 sec
• 2 sec
Review • Off
• 2 sec
• 10 sec
AF-assist Beam • On
• Off
File No. Reset • On
• Off
Auto Rotate • On
• Off
Enables the orientation sensor, this displays the current orientation of the camera on the LCD Monitor as well as "marking" JPEG images with their orientation (doesn't actually rotate the JPEG image).
Long Shutter * • On
• Off
Enables the manual selection of shutter speeds 1, 1.3, 1.6, 2, 2.5, 3.2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 13 or 15 seconds via the exposure compensation menu.

* Option available only in Manual Record Mode

Play Mode Menu

Pressing the MENU button while in Play mode displays the Play menu. Just like the record menu each option is arrange down the menu, however none of these options change settings, rather the 'lead' to another screen or facility.

Play Menu

Option Action
Enters protect mode, you can protect / unprotect images by browsing and using the SET button. Either single view or thumbnail view.
Enters rotate mode, you can rotate images by 0, 90 or 270 degrees by browsing and using the SET button. Either single view or thumbnail view.
Sound Memo
Enters sound memo mode, you can record a sound memo of up to 60 seconds, attached to the current image. Do so by browsing and using the SET button. Either single view or thumbnail view.
Erase all • Cancel
• OK (doesn't erase protected images)

Slide Show

Begin a slide show (DPOF compatible), you can choose a delay of 3 to 30 seconds or manual advance, repeat or not to repeat and even define up to three "shows" (sets) of images for playback.
Print Order
Define a DPOF "Print Order" for images on the CF card, you can choose various settings such as print type, date&time imprint, file no. as well as select individual images via a three thumbnail scrolling selector. Works with compatible DPOF printers or photo finishing kiosks.
Transfer Order
Define a DPOF "Transfer Order", this allows you selectively mark images to be transferred back to the computer later. This is done using a three thumbnail scrolling selector.

Set up Menu

The camera set up menu is available as the second 'page' and is repeated on every mode menu (Auto Record, Manual Record, Stitch Assist, Movie, Play).

Set Up Menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Beep • On
• Off
Speaker Vol. • 0 - 5  
Auto Power Down • On
• Off
It would have been nice to have an actual time selection here (Off, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min)
Date/Time • Set Includes date format.
Format • Cancel
• OK
Displays total card space in MegaBytes (thus reports a "256 MB" card as 243 MBytes.

• English
• Deutsch
• Francais
• Nederlands
• Dansk
• Suomi
• Italiano
• Norsk
• Svenska
• Espanol
• Chinese
• Japanese

Video System • NTSC

My Camera Menu

The "My Camera" menu (first seen on the S30/S40) allows you to personalize your camera with custom start-up images and sounds, shutter sounds, operation sounds and self-timer sounds.

Using the ZoomBrowser software you can upload your own sounds and images to be used for startup or operation (should you so desire).