Compared to the Nikon Coolpix 950

In this test we're comparing the Digital IXUS 300 to Nikon's Coolpix 950 (still, two years on, considered to be one of the benchmark 2 megapixel digital camera). Both shots taken in the cameras native JPEG (best quality) mode. Sensitivity set to ISO 100, white balance was set to Auto on both cameras, all other settings were set to factory default or auto. To match exposure the IXUS 300 had an exposure compensation of +0.3 EV, the Coolpix 950 a compensation of +0.7 EV.

Some crops below are of an 120 x 90 area of the image magnified 200%, some are straight 240 x 180 crops. Lighting - 2 x 800W studio lights with dichroic daylight filters bounced off a white overhead reflector (about as close as you can get to "indoor daylight").

Canon Digital IXUS 300
Nikon Coolpix 950

Isn't it amazing what a couple of years development can bring? The IXUS 300's images are obviously sharper, the lens exhibiting better resolution right up to the corners. Dynamic range is also far better, the highlights blown out by the 950 are carefully maintained on the IXUS 300. Colours are clean and accurate without being over saturated. And all this from such a tiny package...