Record mode display

This is a typical view of the LCD in preview mode, the settings are overlaid like this for just four seconds (so as not to be distracting).

Information overlaid:
• Shooting mode
• Exposure compensation
• White balance mode
• Image size / quality
• Flash mode
• Drive mode
• Focus mode
• Frames remaining

Half-pressing the shutter release causes the camera to focus, measure light (meter) and calculate the optimum exposure settings, if the shot is likely to suffer from blur because of a lack of light (long exposure) a small camera blur indicator () will be shown over the preview image. A final full depression of the shutter release takes the shot.

Keeping the shutter release button depressed after taking the shot displays an instant review, to keep this on the screen just press SET. There is now an image erase shortcut, by pressing SET and LEFT arrow you will be given the option to erase the image.

Record mode menu

Upon pressing the MENU button you're taken to the record mode menu, use the left / right arrows to select the shooting mode (only two shown in this animation)

Shooting modes:
• Auto (auto WB, no exp. comp)
• Manual (more control)
• Black & White
• Panorama left to right
• Panorama right to left

If the camera is in Auto mode pressing the MENU button once more takes you to the Setup Menu (described below), in Manual mode there are two more option pages before reaching the Setup menu: (In B&W mode only exposure compensation is available).

Exposure compensation +/-2 EV in 0.3EV steps White Balance selection, Auto, Fine, Cloudy, Tungsten and Fluorescent

Record mode setup menu

The record mode setup menu allows you to control general camera settings such as resolution, file numbering, memory, date & time.. Each option is detailed in the table below.

Menu Section
Quality Image resolutions: (not available in Auto Record mode)
• Large / Super-Fine (1600 x 1200)
• Large / Fine (1600 x 1200)
• Small / Fine (640 x 480)
Digital Zoom Controls the availability of digital zoom beyond optical maximum zoom.
• Off
• On
File No. Reset Controls whether file numbering should be reset each time the CF card is changed.
• Off
• On
Startup Mode Sets the camera memory settings
• Last (camera remembers your settings)
• Auto (camera starts up in Full Auto mode)
Beep Camera beeps
• On
• Off
Auto Power Down Power saving
• On
• Off
Date/Time Setup date, time and date format
Format Format CF Card

Select operating language (European model):
• English
• Deutsch
• Francais
• Nederlands
• Dansk
• Suomi
• Italiano
• Norsk
• Svenska
• Espanol

(US & Japan):
• English
• Japanese
• Deutsch
• Francais
• Espanol

Language menu shortcut: Hold SET + MENU in Play mode.

Playback display

Switching to Playback mode immediately displays the last image taken, flicking between images is instantaneous. There is a delete shortcut in playback mode and that is holding the SET button and pressing the LEFT arrow will display a single image erase confirmation box (this is the same as record mode).

This is a typical view of the LCD in playback mode, we have the review information set to full (press the DISP button) and as you can see there's a column of exposure information down the left side, frame number count and date & time along the bottom and folder / filename top right.

Pulling the zoom lever towards the magnifying glass (tele) enters zoomed mode (about 2.5x zoom). The arrow keys now function as a cursor for scrolling around the zoomed image.

Zoom mode on the Digital IXUS is very fast and fairly easy to operate, it would have been nice to have had a further zoom level and/or a 4-way direction controller but there have to be certain design compromises on a camera this small.

Pushing the zoom lever towards the checkerboard display (wide) enters thumbnail view mode (9 images in total). The arrow keys now function as a selector. All other functions are still available in thumbnail mode.

Playback mode menu

Pressing MENU in playback mode displays six options (these are normally overlaid over the review image, I've used a black background here for clarity), menu detailed below.

Menu Section
Single Erase Erase one image at a time, cursor left/right keys are still available in this mode.
Erase All Erase all images (except protected images) on CF card
• Cancel
• OK
Protect Protect (make read-only) one image at a time, cursor left/right keys are still available in this mode.
Rotate Rotate (90/180/270 degrees) one image at a time, cursor left/right keys are still available in this mode.
[Before / After]
Rotation only affects the image as it's displayed on the camera it doesn't actually rotate the JPEG image.
Auto Play Begins a slideshow of all images
Print Order Controls DPOF print "marking" for images on the card.