Top of camera controls

Neat and tidy. Canon have gone along the same tact as we first saw on the FujiFilm FinePix 4700Z, having a single distinct control for switching between playback and record mode. I personally like this, it makes reviewing images much quicker and more natural. The main On/Off button has to be held for a couple of seconds (to avoid accidental power ups). The zoom control surrounds the shutter release button, this doubles as a playback zoom / thumbnail switch in playback mode.

ON/OFF Power the camera on or off

Requires a two second hold to power-on, single press to power off.

Switch immediately to playback mode

Lens does not immediately retract if it's extended, it will do so if you scroll off the last taken image.

Switch immediately to record mode

Lens extends if it has not already done so.

Zoom towards tele / Playback zoom

Zoom closer to subject / Enter zoom mode in playback

Zoom outwards to wide / Playback thumbnails

Zoom wider / Enter thumbnail mode in playback

Rear of camera controls

All the major camera controls are located below the rear LCD, five buttons do everything. Their exact function differs depending on the current camera mode (record, playback or menu) and these are described below:

Control functions in record mode

Flash mode

Toggles through five flash modes:
• Auto Flash
• Anti-Redeye
• Fill-in Flash (forced on)
• Slow-sync Flash
• Inhibit Flash (forced off)

Macro / Drive mode

Toggles between three drive modes:
• Single shot
• Burst shots (continuous)
• Self-timer

Focus modes

Toggles between three focus modes:
• Normal focus range
• Macro focus range
• Landscape (Infinity locked focus)

Enter Record Menu

Record menu detailed later.

DISP Preview Display on / off

Toggles between live preview display on or off. The Digital IXUS overlays shooting configuration for four seconds in either mode.

Control functions in menu mode

SET Select current option and leave Menu mode
Previous option value
Next option value

Next menu section

In manual mode:
• Shooting mode (Auto, Manual, B&W, Pano)
• Exposure compensation (+/-2.0 EV in 0.3 EV steps)
• White Balance
• Setup menu

DISP Preview Display on / off

Toggles between live preview display on or off.

Control functions in play mode

Previous image
Next image

Enter Play Menu

Play menu detailed later.

DISP Information overlay mode

Toggles between three information display modes:
• Image review, no information
• Image review, basic information (date&time, folder, filename)
• Image review, exposure information