TWAIN module - other features

Camera Settings, parameters and preferences

Camera Settings

With the camera connected you can bring up this camera settings box, this basic window allows the modification of owners name, date & time, formatting of CF card and display of current status information such as firmware version, CF card availability, free space and total capacity. Clicking on Parameters enters the parameter settings option (below).

Parameter Settings

Parameters are "sets of settings" (up to three custom and one standard) which can be used to control the cameras internal image processing algorithms. Each can independently control internal contrast, sharpening and saturation settings for the image processing algorithm.

Once you've changed a setting, click on Apply to Camera to store that setting in the camera (it will appear on the camera menu shown on the previous pages).

Remote Capture software

Just a month ago I was singing the praises of the shooting software bundled with the Fujifilm S1 Pro. Canon are doing the same with the EOS-D30. Their software will operate in much the same way as the S1 Pro (if the user interface is a little different). Using this application you can connect the camera and shoot directly from your computer. Images can be saved either onto the CF Card or directly back to the PC (as you can see the "shots to go" is based on computer hard disk space rather than CF storage space. As each image is acquired a thumbnail is displayed and a larger preview image shown. Histogram and image information is automatically displayed also.

Current camera exposure settings


Camera settings / parameters

Timer shot, taken in "x" seconds time

Interval shooting in minutes and seconds

Do a lot of studio shooting? Then this little application will probably be of great interest to you.