Canon CP-10 Card Photo Printer

The CP-10 is a new card sized photo printer (dye sub) from Canon which allows you to print directly from a compatible digital camera (currently the A10, A20 and IXUS 300, and future Canon digital cameras). In this review we used the IXUS 300 as our test camera.

The CP-10 is made from a trendy semi-transparent plastic case with a nice brushed aluminium center piece, it's interesting to be able to see what's going on inside while the printer runs off your photos.

Canon CP-10 Specifications

Printing System Dye-sublimation thermal transfer printing system (Full Colour with over coating)
Resoluton 300 x 300 dpi
Gradation 256 levels per colour (24 bit colour depth)
Colours Yellow, Magenta, Cyan + Clear Surface Protection Layer
Paper Proprietary, Standard Format Paper
Proprietary, Adhesive-Backed Paper (sticker paper)
Feed System Auto feed from paper cassette
Paper Eject Auto paper eject above the paper cassette
Print Modes Standard print (bordered or borderless - selectable from the camera)
Multiple print (with sticker paper, producing 8 prints on one piece of paper of the same image - selectable from the camera)
Print Method Camera controlled: Direct Print Menu
DPOF Menu (No Index Print)
Print size
Standard Prints Borderless 86 x 54 mm (3.4 x 2.1 in)
Bordered 66.6 x 50 mm (2.6 x 2.0 in)
Multiple Prints Multiple (8) 22 x 17.3 mm (0.9 x 0.7 in)
Print Speed
Standard Prints Borderless Approx. 58 sec
Bordered Approx. 56 sec
Multiple Prints Multiple (8) Approx. 53 sec
Interface Canon Camera Interface
Printer Display LED
Steady Green Light Power on
Blinking Green Light Printing
Red Light Error
Compatible Cameras PowerShot A10, PowerShot A20, Digital IXUS 300, future Canon digital cameras
Operating Env. 5 to 40°C at 80% RH
Power Supply AC Adapter supplied: 100 to 240 VAC (50/60 Hz) /
CBA-CP100 Car Battery Connectivity Kit (available later this year)
Power Consumption 50 W or less (idle power consumption 4 W or less)
Dimensions 108 x 125 x 47 mm (4.3 x 4.9 x 1.9 in)
Weight 510 g (1.12 lb)
Price US: $299, Europe: 699 DM

CP-10 Kit

The CP-10 kit includes the printer, paper tray, paper (5 sheets), an ink cartridge (good for 5 prints), cleaner, 24V AC adapter (CA-CP100) and two different direct-connect USB cables. Most notably the CP-10 can not be used as a computer peripheral printer, there are no standard USB cables or drivers provided in the box. Canon tell us that a computer connectivity kit (CCK-CP100) which should be available later this year (it's a shame this isn't included).

Ink and Paper

There are several "media packs" available for the CP-10, all packs include the paper and an ink cartridge (sufficient for the number of sheets included). Available as 18 or 36 packs of the 86 x 54 mm (3.4 x 2.1 in) sheet size or 18 pack of sticker sheets (eight stickers per sheet). Media prices:

  • HC-36IP (Europe: 35 DM)
  • HC-18IP (Europe: 25 DM)
  • HC-18IL (Europe: 35 DM)

US pricing has not yet been announced, as soon as it is we'll update this part of the review.

Loading (or replacing) the ink in the printer is very straightforward, open the door on the right side of the printer and push the ink cartridge in, that's it.

The paper packs are placed into the tray print side up, this tray also acts as a protective storage 'container' for the paper when not in the printer, to ready the printer for printing simply open the flap on the front, flip over the cover on the paper tray and slide it into the front of the printer.