Compared to... Casio EX-Z750

Below you will find a studio comparison between the Canon PowerShot A620 and the similarly specified Casio EX-Z750. We have included samples for each camera's highest and lowest ISO settings (50 and 400).

Studio scene comparison (@ ISO 50)

  • Canon PowerShot A620 : Aperture Priority mode, ISO 50, Default Image Parameters,
    Manual white balance, +1.0 EV compensation
  • Casio EX-Z750 : Aperture priority mode, ISO 50, Default Image Parameters,
    Manual white balance, +1.0 EV compensation
  • Lighting: Daylight simulation, >98% CRI
Canon PowerShot A620
Casio EX-Z750
ISO 50, 1/50 sec, F4.5
ISO 50, 1/40 sec, F5.6
2,757 KB JPEG
3,938 KB JPEG

The Casio EX-Z750 remains one of the most highly specified 7MP cameras on the market today, and it's certainly the most sophisticated of the 'ultra compact' models (it's a lot, lot smaller than the PowerShot A620). As you can see from these side-by-side shots there's not a significant difference in the amount of detail captured, although the Z750 does have a slightly higher measurable resolution. The main differences are again in the processing - the Z750's over-saturated and over-sharpened results have been well-documented, and the default saturation has apparently been reduced in the latest firmware version (these shots were taken with the original firmware), but once again which you prefer will come down to personal taste - you've got 7 million pixels to play with, so unless you are regularly printing posters the minor differences in detail and sharpness simply won't be visible. That said, as I've said before I prefer a slightly soft image that I can sharpen myself than an over-processed picture that leaves me little room for manouevre once I've loaded it into Photoshop, so my preference would be for the A620 shot.