Camera controls

Unlike the IXUS 300 all of the controls on the A20 are on the rear of the camera, the only button you'll find on the top is the shutter release.

Mode dial

Play mode

Switches immediately to play mode, displays the last image taken / last image on the Compact Flash card. The lens does not immediately retract if it's already extended, it will do so after 60 seconds in play mode.

Auto record mode

This is really the "point and shoot" mode, while you still have the option to choose resolution, JPEG quality and flash mode you can only select between self-timer and single shot drive modes, macro or normal focus mode and you can't change white balance (which is set at Auto) or set an exposure compensation.
Manual record mode

Manual record mode operates virtually identically to auto record mode except that you now have the option to select the continuous drive mode, the additional option of Infinity focus mode, change the white balance or even set an exposure compensation (+/-2 EV in 0.3 EV steps).
Stitch Assist

Designed to make shooting of panorama / stitch shots easier. You have a choice of two different stitch modes: left-right or right-left. The display changes to show previously shot frames in the sequence to help alignment of each frame. Exposure and White Balance are locked to the first frame.

Control functions in record mode

ON/OFF Powers the camera on or off

Requires a two second hold to power-on, single press to power off.
Flash mode

Toggles through five flash modes:
• Auto Flash
• Anti-Redeye
• Fill-in Flash (forced on)
• Slow-sync Flash
• Inhibit Flash (forced off)

Drive mode

Toggles between three drive modes:
• Single shot
• Burst shots (continuous)
• Self-timer

Focus modes

Toggles between three focus modes:
• Normal focus range
• Macro focus range
• Landscape (Infinity locked focus)

Change Exposure Compensation / White balance

First press enters exposure compensation adjustment, use the left and right arrows to change the exposure compensation (+/-2.0 EV in 0.3 EV steps) and press SET to store the setting.

Second press displays the white balance menu, choose from:
• Auto
• Fine (sunny)
• Cloudy
• Tungsten
• Fluorescent
• Black & White


Enter Record Menu

The record menu is detailed later.

DISP Preview Display on / off

Toggles between live preview display on or off. The IXUS 300 overlays shooting configuration for four seconds in either mode.

Zoom controller (record mode)

Zoom Wide

Zooms towards full wide angle (35 mm).

Zoom Tele

Zooms towards full telephoto (105 mm), if you pass the 105 mm mark the camera will begin to digitally zoom (indicated by a blue text display). Unfortunately it's not possible to disable digital zoom.

Control functions in menu mode

SET Change currently selected menu option
Previous menu option / value
Next menu option / value
MENU Show / Hide menu

Control functions in play mode

Previous image
Next image

Enter Play Menu

Play menu detailed later.

DISP Information overlay mode

Toggles between three information display modes:
• Image review, no information
• Image review, basic information (date&time, folder, filename)
• Image review, exposure information
Toggle Thumbnail view (zoom wide button)

Toggles between display of a single full screen image, 3 x 3 thumbnails on the LCD screen or 3 x 3 thumbnails scrollable a page at a time.
Playback Magnify (zoom tele button)

Zoom the displayed image either 2.0 times, the arrows can be used to scroll left and right, in combination with the SET button to scroll up and down.