Movie mode

The G15's video resolution has been upped to 1920x1080p (from 720p on the G12), which brings it in line with most other current enthusiast compact cameras. As well as standard 1080p footage with stereo sound, it is also possible to apply various effects to the G15's video output. Some of those, for example 'miniature', are low-frame-rate modes, with the footage being captured at 1/5, 1/10 or 1/20 of normal speed, then played back at the normal frame rate to give a ‘high speed’ appearance.  

This is the standard movie screen. You can add the electronic level by pressing the DISP button. In movie mode the FUNC menu includes additional movie settings such as movie resolution and movie type.

There's also a new slow motion video mode available on the G15. You can record videos at either 120 frames per second (640x480) or 240 fps (320x240). When played back at 30 fps this translates into video that is four or eight times slower than standard footage.

Recent Videos

The video footage from the G15 is very smooth with good detail. However, the lack of an external mic socket means your sound quality will not always match the quality of the video, especially in situations with a lot of background noise or wind. You also have only very limited control over your video capture. Exposure compensation is available, but unfortunately is not accessible via the exposure compensation dial. Instead, with the mode dial set to the movie position, you have to hit AEL and can then set exposure compensation using the front dial. This is so counter-intuitive that we suspect many users will never find it.

Like on the G1 X, the new movie button has been placed in the top right corner on the back of the camera. It gives you direct access to movie recording from any shooting mode.

On the plus side, unlike its predecessor the G15 can focus and zoom during movie shooting and finally comes with a dedicated movie button. We were also quite impressed with the performance of the Image Stabilization System in video mode, and even at the long end of the lens it's possible to record very stable footage. This can be seen in the third sample movie below. We have also included one sample movie using the miniature effect filter.

Video quality options

Sizes 1920x1080p: 24 fps
1280x720p: 30 fps
640x480: 30/120 fps
320x240: 240 fps
Audio Stereo (Internal Mic)
Format MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (MOV)
Max file size per clip 4GB or 29 min 59 sec

Sample video 1

This video was shot at 1080p and in good light. The motion is smooth with good color and exposure. The G15's internal microphones are doing an acceptable job at capturing the sounds but wind noise is audible in the clip.

1920 x 1080 24 fps, H.264 .MOV file, 19 sec, 80.4 MB Click here to download original .MOV file

Sample video 2

This 1080p video was captured at an illuminated playground at night. Again, the camera's metering system is doing very well and the motion is smooth. Some image noise is visible but it is not very intrusive at all. Overall the G15 is performing very well in these conditions.

1920 x 1080 24 fps, H.264 .MOV file, 40 sec, 169 MB Click here to download original .MOV file

Sample video 3

This video was shot at handheld at the long end of the zoom lens. The Image Stabilization system works impressively well and keeps the frame steady.

1920 x 1080 24 fps, H.264 .MOV file, 15 sec, 66.5 MB Click here to download original .MOV file

Sample video 4

This video shows the Miniature effect filter applied to moving images. In this mode fewer frames are captured per second, but playback is at the normal framerate, which essentially produces a time-lapse movie.

640 x 180 30 fps, H.264 .MOV file, 8 sec, 10.5 MB Click here to download original .MOV file