Image quality

The R6's sensor doesn't give up much in the way of resolution to its 24MP rivals, and its JPEG engine produces pleasing color.

Canon RF 24-105mm F4 L IS | F8 | ISO 100 | 1/250 sec
Photo: Richard Butler

The EOS R6's image quality is something of a known quantity, since its sensor is so closely related to the one in the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III. Canon says the R6 doesn't have the more sophisticated (and expensive) AA filter from its pro sports camera but other aspects of its performance appear to be the same.

Key Takeaway:

  • Image quality is very good, with attractively colored JPEGs, good levels of detail in the Raw files and competitive performance in low light.

In terms of detail capture, there's not much to call between the EOS R6 and is immediate peers. Despite the lower pixel count and the inclusion of an anti-aliasing filter, there's neither a big difference in terms of detail capture nor the amount of moiré that appears. Noise levels are very similar at all but the very highest ISO settings.

JPEG detail is good and the default sharpening looks natural, though not quite as good at pulling out fine detail as Sony or Panasonic. JPEG color remains a huge strength. The differences between brands are small these days, but none of the other models manage the not-too-pink caucasian skin tone, rich reds and bright, saturated yellows as well as the Canon.

JPEG noise reduction errs more on the side of noise suppression than detail retention, and this trend continues into the higher ISO settings. Again this is an area where Sony and Panasonic will give more detail, albeit with a little more visible noise.