Body & Design

The Canon 7D Mark II is very similar in size to its predecessor, but does see some changes in button layout. In fact, the controls are almost identical to what you'll find on the Canon 5D Mark III, save for the addition of a thumb switch around the multi-controller. Canon has said the unified layout was deliberate in order to provide a seamless user experience across Canon's product line.

Compared to the 7D

The 7D Mark II's body is very similar to the 7D, providing similar levels of (generally-good) grip and ergonomics. We were told by Canon that the 7D Mark II is 'four-times more weather sealed' than the original 7D, a claim that seems reasonable based on the detailed analysis done over at

From the front the 7D Mark II looks much like its predecessor, with the most obvious change being the large, repositioned DOF preview button (much like the 5D Mark III).
The 7D Mark II sees a button layout almost identical to that of the 5D Mark III, save for the 'AF area select' thumb switch around the rear joystick. Compared to the 7D, the two buttons at the top left have been changed from 'Q-menu' and 'RAW/JPEG' to 'Menu' and 'Info'. The Q-menu button has been moved to the upper left of the thumb dial. The top three buttons on the left edge of the camera have been changed from 'Menu', 'Picture Style', and 'Info' to multi-function 'Picture Style', 'Rate', and 'Magnify' buttons. The magnification abilities have been removed from the two buttons at the upper right.
The top view shows a number of things that have changed from the 7D. A lock has been added to the mode dial, and you'll note a small protrusion in front of the hotshoe that includes a GPS module. Also, the 'Creative Auto' program mode has been removed.

In your hand

The 7D Mark II is a substantial camera, with grip and ergonomics very similar to the EOS 5D Mark III. Its grip is well designed to make it easy to support the weight of the camera and attached lens; however, it's unlikely to be a shoot-one-handed camera.

Recent Videos

By emulating the EOS 5D Mark III, Canon has made a deliberate decision to be conservative in its button layout and general feel to the camera. But this works to Canon's favor: we generally like the ergonomics of the 5D Mark III, with easy access to commonly used buttons using either your thumb or index finger.

LCD monitor

The EOS 7D Mark II uses a 1.04 million dot 3.0" LCD featuring the latest gapless technology that reduces internal reflections to improve contrast.

The LCD has a 3:2 aspect ratio, with a resolution of 720x480 pixels. It is not touch-sensitive, which we feel is a bit of a shame as it would've benefited focus during video (something the 7D Mark II should be good at given dual-pixel AF).