Viewfinder specs and view

The EOS 700D uses the same viewfinder as the EOS 600D, which means it's of the pentamirror type with 95% coverage of the image area and a 0.85x magnification. As we've said before, it's one of the better pentamirror finders out there for a camera of this class, providing a reasonably large and comfortably bright view of the scene.

Viewfinder size

One figure hidden away in every SLR's spec is the size of the viewfinder (often in a format that makes comparison between competing models impossible). The size of the viewfinder is a key factor in the usability of an SLR - the bigger it is, the easier it is to frame and focus your shots, and the more enjoyable and involving process it is.

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Because of the way viewfinders are measured (using a fixed lens, rather than a lens of equivalent magnification), you also need to take the sensor size into account, so the numbers in the diagram below are the manufacturer's specified magnifications divided by the respective 'crop factors'.

The 700D has a viewfinder magnification of 0.5x, nearly the same as the Nikon D5200 though significantly smaller than an enthusiast DSLR like the Nikon D7100.

The viewfinder offers 95% coverage of the actual scene capture (shown below), which of course raises the possibility of some unseen elements in advertently ending up in the corners of your final image. For the majority of typical real-world use a discrepancy of this size will seldom be a significant issue. And for instances where precise framing is absolutely critical, you can shoot in live view mode to preview full scene coverage.

This simulated view demonstrates how much of the scene is visible with 95% viewfinder coverage. The area shaded in white appears in the final image but not in the viewfinder.

Viewfinder information

The 700D's viewfinder displays basic shooting information such as shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation and ISO, alongside AE lock status and flash information. In AF mode, when the camera acquires focus, an activation indicator inside the relevant AF point(s) briefly flashes in red. A focus confirmation oval then appears at the far right of the row of icons below the image area.

Shooting information is displayed along a black border below the image area. The screen itself features the camera's nine AF points along with a central spot metering circle.