Menus (cont.)

Setup Section (yellow)

The setup menu is where you performs tasks like formatting the SD card, adjusting screen brightness, configuring energy saving settings and setting the date and time. The custom functions (described in the following section) are accessed from here as well.

Values / Actions
Setup tab 1
Select folder
 • Select folder
 • Create folder
File numbering  • Continuous
 • Auto reset
 • Manual reset
Controls the numbering method used for filenames.
Auto rotate  • On (play mode and EXIF)
 • On (EXIF)
 • Off
Chooses whether orientation information is recorded and if the camera should rotate in play mode.
Format card  • Cancel
 • OK
Format the CF card
Setup tab 2
Auto power off  • 30 sec
 • 1 min
 • 2 min
 • 4 min
 • 8 min
 • 15 min
 • Disable
Sets camera power off time, this is the amount of "idle time" before the camera powers itself off. In the power off state the camera can be woken by half or fully depressing the shutter release (or turning the power switch to Off and back to On).
LCD Brightness  • Levels 1 to 7  
LCD auto off  • Enable
 • Disable
Date/Time/Zone  • Set Date & Time
 • Set Date format
 • Select city
Language  • English
 • German
 • French
 • Dutch
 • Danish
 • Portuguese
 • Finnish
 • Italian
 • Ukrainian
 • Norwegian
 • Swedish
 • Spanish
 • Greek
 • Russian
 • Polish
 • Czech
 • Hungarian
 • Romanian
 • Turkish
 • Arabic
 • Thai
 • Simplified Chinese
 • Traditional Chinese
 • Korean
 • Japanese
Select menu language.
Video system  • NTSC
 • PAL
Select video system for video out connector.
Setup tab 3
Screen color
 • 1
 • 2
 • 3
 • 4
 • 5
Select control panel display from a choice of five colour schemes
Feature guide  • Enable
 • Disable
Touch control  • Standard
 • Sensitive
 • Disable
Switch AF point/AE lock buttons  • Standard
 • Sensitive
 • Disable
Sensor cleaning
 • Auto cleaning
 • Clean now
 • Clean manually
Defines the settings for the built-in cleaning system, by default the system is enabled and cleans at startup and shutdown (although this can be interrupted).

The 'clean manually' option locks the mirror and shutter up for manual access to the sensor.
GPS device setting  • Options displayed only with GPS connected  
Setup tab 4
Certification Logo Display  • N118
 • VCI
Custom Functions (C.Fn) Enters Custom Function menu See below for details of custom functions
Copyright information  • Display copyright info
 • Enter author's name
 • Enter copyright details
 • Delete copyright information
Clear settings  • Clear all camera settings
 • Clear all Custom Func. (C.Fn)
 • Cancel
Firmware Select to load new firmware from CF card Also shows current version

Custom Functions

The SL1's 8 custom functions are grouped into four categories: Exposure (I), Image (II), Autofocus/Drive (III) and Operation/Other (IV). Because these categories consist of just two or three items each, the options are simply placed in sequence.

Recent Videos

While most of the custom functions fit firmly into the set-it-and-forget-it category, both mirror lockup and highlight tone priority are options that you'd reasonably want to access between shots. We'd much prefer to see these options moved out of the hard to get at Custom Function menu for easier access. We do note, however, that unlike in the EOS 600D, both the high ISO NR and long exposure NR options now sit in a top level menu page. And of course you still have the option of adding any of the custom function items to 'My Menu'. Custom function options that have been changed from the camera's default value are indicated by blue numerals at the bottom of the menu screen.

I-1: Exposure level increments 0: 1/3 stop
1: 1/2 stop
I-2: ISO expansion 0: Off
1: On (enables H ISO mode - equivalent to ISO 25,600)
II-3: Highlight tone priority 0: Disable
1: Enable
III-4: AF-assist beam firing 0: Enable
1: Disable
2: Enable external flash only
3: IR AF assist beam only
III-5: Mirror lockup 0: Disable
1: Enable
IV-6: Shutter / AE lock button 0: AF/AE Lock
1: AE lock/AF
2: AF/AF lock, no AE lock
2: AE/AF, no AE lock
IV-7: Assign SET Button 0: Normal (disabled)
1: Image Quality
2: Flash Exp. comp.
3: LCD monitor On/Off
4: Menu display
5: ISO Speed
IV-8: LCD display when power on 0: Display on
1: Previous display status

My Menu

The 'My Menu' feature allows you to produce a custom menu made up of any of the cameras menu options (including custom functions) which means that previously buried but useful options can now be brought to a top level menu.

From the setup page you can not only add/delete items to the menu, but sort them as well. You can have up to six items at a time in the menu.