Camera Menus

The menu system of the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 is pretty similar to other recent EOS DSLRs, and uses Canon's familiar layout whereby camera settings are separated across a series of sensibly ordered, color-coded tabs. The range of options is pretty extensive, offering a decent level of customizability for an entry-level DSLR.

This is the full, 11-tab menu as seen in P, Av, Tv, or M modes. Most of the other settings on the mode dial present a simplified sub-set of these tabs with fewer options available. When you change the power switch to Video mode, two video menu tabs replace the Live View tab, as shown below.

Shooting section (red)

The shooting menus provide access to image quality settings and adjustments. They are also context-sensitive, with different options provided depending on which shooting mode you're in. In the novice-oriented Auto and scene-based exposure modes you get a simplified sub-set of menus compared to P, Av, Tv and M modes. Switch to movie mode and two new tabs appear in the red shooting menu section. Attach an external flash and you gain an additional set of submenu options to control its output.

Values / Actions
Shooting tab 1
Quality  • JPEG Large Fine
 • JPEG Large Normal
 • JPEG Medium Fine
 • JPEG Medium Normal
 • JPEG Small 1 Fine
 • JPEG Small 1 Normal
 • JPEG Small 2
 • JPEG Small 3
 • Raw+JPEG Large Fine
 • Raw
- JPEG Large = 5184 x 3456

- JPEG Medium = 3456 x 2304

- JPEG Small 1 = 2592 x 1728

- JPEG Small 2 = 1920 x 1280
- JPEG Small 3 = 720 x 480
- RAW = 5184 x 3456
Beep  • Enable
 • Touchscreen mute
 • Disable
Enables beep for AF confirmation and self timer. You can enable/disable beep for touchscreen operation only.

Drive/Self-timer mode

 • Single shooting
 • Continuous shooting
 • Silent single shooting
 • Silent continuous shooting
 • Self-timer: 10 sec/remote
 • Self-timer: 2 sec
 • Self-timer: continuous (2-10 sec)

Release shutter without card  • Enable
 • Disable
Allow shot to be taken without memory card inserted.
Image review  • Off
 • 2 sec
 • 4 sec
 • 8 sec
 • Hold

Lens aberration correction

 • Peripheral illum.
 • Chromatic aberration
Corrects vignetting and chromatic aberration depending on the attached lens.

Red-eye reduction

 • Enable
 • Disable
Shooting tab 2
Expo. comp./AEB  • +/–5 EV in 1/3 or 1/2 EV steps (C.Fn I-1)
 • Bracketing - 3 frames in up to 2EV steps.
Configures auto exposure compensation and bracketing.
Flash control  • Flash firing
 • E-TTL II meter
 • Flash sync speed in Av mode
1/200-1/60 sec auto
1/200 sec (fixed)
• Built-in flash function setting
Flash mode
Manual flash
Shutter sync
1st curtain
2nd curtain
Flash exposure compensation
+/– 2.0 EV
 • External flash function setting
Only with flash connected
 • External flash C.Fn setting
Only with flash connected
 • Clear flash settings
Clear built-in flash setting
Clear external flash setting
Only with compatible flash
Clear ext. flash C.Fn setting

Only with compatible flash
ISO Auto  • Max.: 400
 • Max.: 800
 • Max.: 1600
 • Max.: 3200
 • Max.: 6400
Auto Lighting Optimizer  • Off
 • Low
 • Standard
 • High
Press Info button to disable during manual exposure
White balance

 • AWB
 • Daylight
 • Shade
 • Cloudy
 • Tungsten
 • White fluorescent light
 • Flash
 • Custom

Custom WB • Set custom WB Select image for custom WB.
WB Shift / BKT  • Shift: B9–A9, M9–G9
 • Bracket: BA+/–3, MG+/–3
Configures WB shift and WB bracketing.
Shooting tab 3
Color space  • sRGB
 • Adobe RGB
Picture Style  • Picture Style
User Def. 1
User Def. 2
User Def. 3
 • Detail set
Sharpness (0-7)
Contrast (-4-+4)
Saturation (-4-+4)
Color tone (-4-+4)
Press Info button to access Detail Set mode
AF operation  • One shot
 • AI focus
 • AI servo
Metering mode  • Evaluative metering
 • Partial metering
 • Spot metering
 • Center-weighted average
Dust Delete Data  • Cancel
 • OK
Long exposure noise reduction  • Off
 • Auto
 • On
When enabled, NR is applied to exposures of 1 sec. or longer
High ISO speed NR  • Off
 • Low
 • Standard
 • High
 • Multi shot NR
In Multi shot mode, 4 successive images are captured and merged to average out noise. The camera must be set to a JPEG only mode.
Live view tab
Live View shoot.  • Enable
 • Disable
AF method  • + Tracking (face detect)
 • FlexiZone - Multi
 • FlexiZone - Single
 • Quick mode
Multi AF mode uses a 31 point AF area. Quick mode employs phase detect AF with live view disabled during focus acquisition
Continuous AF  • Enable
 • Disable
Touch Shutter  • Enable
 • Disable
Enable to release shutter by pressing the screen.
Grid display  • Off
 • Grid 1
 • Grid 2
 - Rule of Thirds Grid
 - 6x4 grid
Aspect ratio  • 3:2
 • 4:3
 • 16:9
 • 1:1
Metering timer  • 4 sec
 • 16 sec
 • 30 sec
 • 1 min
 • 10 min
 • 30 min

In movie mode, the live view tab is replaced by two movie-related tabs.

Values / Actions
Movie tab 1
AF method  • + Tracking (face detect)
 • FlexiZone - Multi
 • FlexiZone - Single
Multi AF mode uses a 31 point AF area.
Movie Servo AF  • Enable
 • Disable
With movie servo enabled, lens operation may be audible
AF w/shutter button during movie rec.  • One shot
 • Disable
Grid display  • Off
 • Grid 1
 • Grid 2
 - Rule of Thirds Grid
 - 6x4 grid
Metering timer  • 4 sec
 • 16 sec
 • 30 sec
 • 1 min
 • 10 min
 • 30 min
Movie tab 2
Movie rec. size  • 1920 x 1080 (30/25fps)
 • 1920 x 1080 (24fps)
 • 1280 x 720 (60/50fps)
 • 640 x 480 (30/25fps)
Selects movie recording size and frame rate. Frame rates of 30/60fps are recorded in NTSC mode, 25/50fps in PAL.
Sound recording  • Sound recording
 • Rec. level (1-5)  
 • Wind filter
 • Attenuator

Sound recording levels are displayed underneath the settings.

Attenuator can be enabled to reduce distortion in very loud environments.

Video snapshot  • Enable
 • Disable
 • Snapshot length
2 sec. movie
4 sec. movie
8 sec. movie
 • Album settings
Create a new album
Add to existing album
Make selection
Short videos of pre-determined length can be saved and grouped into albums.

Picture Style

The Picture Styles are a range of pre-programmed image parameter sets intended to deliver the best results in different situations. Each Picture Style has its own preset mapping for tone and color response as well as providing the ability to tune sharpness, contrast, saturation and color tone for each. For instance the default sharpening for the Standard Picture Style is level 3, if you prefer a more subtle effect you can just adjust it downwards. Sharpness has 8 levels, contrast, saturation and color tone all have have 9 levels.

Playback Section (blue)

The playback menus is where you'll find controls for post-capture editing, image rating, slideshow operation and image navigation options.

Values / Actions
Playback tab 1
Protect images
 • Select images
 • All images in folder
Select folder
 • Unprotect all images in folder
 • All images on card
 • Unprotect all images on card
Protect mode, allows you to browse images either in a single image or thumbnail view and mark each image as protected (or un-protect). This simply sets the read-only flag on the SD card file system.
(Left/Right to select image, SET to rotate) This option allows you to rotate an image on-screen by 90 or 270 degrees. It doesn't actually rotate the JPEG file, but marks its orientation.
Erase images
 • Select and erase images
 • All images in folder
Select folder
 • All images on card
Print order  • Select images
 • By folder
Mark all in folder
Clear all in folder
 • All images
 • Set up
Print type
File no.
Allows you to create a DPOF print order file, for use with compatible printers or photo finishers.

Photobook Set-up  • Select images
 • All images in folder
Select folder
 • Clear all in folder
Select folder
 • All images on card
 • Clear all on card
Allows you to create an EOS Utility-compatible photobook.
Creative filters  • Grainy B/W
 • Soft focus
 • Fish-eye effect
 • Art Bold effect
 • Water Painting effect
 • Toy camera
 • Miniature
Press Set to access filter choices and then a second time to adjust individual filter settings
Resize  • M (8MP)
 • S1 (4.5MP)
 • S2 (2.5MP)
 • S3 (.03MP)

Playback tab 2
Cropping  • Select image, press 'set' to crop, adjust crop using onscreen controls.

Histogram disp  • Brightness
 • RGB
Image jump w/ main dial  • 1 image
 • 10 images
 • 100 images
 • Date
 • Folder
 • Movies
 • Stills
 • By Image Rating (1 star to 5 star)
Slide show  • Select files
All images
 • Set up
Display time
1 sec
2 sec
3 sec
5 sec
10 sec
20 sec
Transition Effect
Slide in 1
Slide in 2
Fade 1
Fade 2
Fade 3
 • Background music
Only if music files are avail.
 • Start
Rating  • 0 - 5 stars  
Ctrl over HDMI  • Disable
 • Enable
Allows control of camera over HDMI using compatible remotes