Ricoh WG-6

Ricoh WG-6

20MP, 1/2.3" BSI-CMOS sensor | 28-140mm equiv. F3.5-5.5 lens | Waterproof to 20m (66ft)

What we like:

  • Built-in GPS
  • 4K video capture
  • Handy macro ring light

What we don't:

  • Fine detail softened by noise reduction
  • No image stabilization
  • Lacks Wi-Fi
The WG-6 is Ricoh's 'premium' rugged camera, with a sturdier body and built-in GPS and compass. It also has a wide-ranging 28-140mm equivalent zoom. Despite its status there's no Wi-Fi or image stabilization. The WG-6 is waterproof to 20m/66ft, shockproof from 2.1m/6.9ft, crushproof to 100kgf/220lbf and operational down to -10°C/+14F°.
The WG-6 has a somewhat cluttered control layout, though we appreciate having a button that opens a shortcut menu (though this disables quick video capture). We found the shutter release button to require a lot of pressure in order to take a photo, which could cause camera shake. Six LED lights around the lens can be used to illuminate close-by objects. The 3" LCD is sharp, though difficult to see outdoors at default settings.
The WG-6 is a nice enough camera, but doesn't offer as much 'bang for buck' as the best waterproof cameras out there
The WG-6's autofocus speeds are average, though a 'pan focus' mode can speed things up a bit, assuming that your subject is the correct distance away. The camera offers a tracking mode, but it loses its subject quickly. Low light AF is sluggish. The WG-6 can capture 340 shots per charge, which is above average.
Image quality is typical of that from other small-sensored cameras. Colors are pleasant enough, though noise reduction smudges fine details. The WG-6 doesn't support Raw, so you can't fine-tune noise reduction and/or sharpening to your liking.
The WG-6 can capture UHD 4K/30p video, and the initial samples provided by Ricoh look promising. A high speed 120 fps mode is available, but only at 1280 x 720. There aren't any capture tools on the camera, aside from a wind filter.
While Ricoh's flagship waterproof camera has some impressive abilities, we're disappointed to see that it lacks both image stabilization and Wi-Fi: two things that most of its immediate peers offer. It's a nice enough camera, but doesn't offer as much 'bang for buck' as the best waterproof cameras out there.

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