Sony a7 Mark IV

33MP BSI CMOS Sensor | AF with subject recognition | 10-bit 4K video at up to 60p

What we like:

  • High Resolution sensor
  • Impressive autofocus
  • 10-bit video and stills options

What we don't:

  • Rear screen is rather low-res
  • One of the more expensive options in its class
  • Image stabilization (particularly in video) isn't the best
The a7 IV is an enthusiast-level 33MP full-frame mirrorless camera with strong video and stills features.
The a7 IV has four customizable control dials and a series of large, well-placed buttons. It has a relatively large hand grip that's more comfortable than were its predecessors', and a flip-out rear screen. A re-worked menu system is faster to navigate and requires less memorizing.
A powerful camera that will turn its hand to almost anything you ask, with an autofocus system that does exactly what you want it to.
AF is arguably the a7 IV's strongest suit. It can be very easy to use and has been trained to track humans, animals and birds very effectively. The same system is also used in video, making it one of the most reliable cameras to shoot footage with. Battery life is very impressive.
Video quality is good, with highly detailed 4K footage (up to 30p) coming from the full width of the sensor. Rolling shutter is noticeable but noise levels hold up well in low light. A 4K 50 or 60p option imposes a 1.5x crop. There's good control over which settings carry over between stills and video, making it easy to jump back and forth.
The a7 IV's image quality is very good, with plenty of detail that pairs with extensive dynamic range in good light, and well-controlled noise in low light. JPEG images are attractive and there's a 10-bit HEIF option if you want to capture images for HDR playback.
The a7 IV is one of the most capable stills/video cameras we've ever tested, underpinned by one of the most powerful and accessible autofocus systems. It's one of the more expensive mid-range full-frame mirrorless cameras, but also one of the most accomplished.

Richard Butler

Studio Test Scene

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