Our pick: Printique

Printique offers slightly higher pricing, but with consistent print quality and an earlier arrival date than expected, we were happy with our Printique order.


The printing service formerly known as AdoramaPix was the service I was most familiar with. I’ve used the company to make prints for art shows and have generally been pleased with the results. They’ve been at it for over twenty years and are located in New York City.

Ease of Service

A function called 'smart crop' then analyzes your photos to make sure that the images will fit on the paper sizes that you’ve selected. The program will make a suggested crop for you if an image’s dimensions don’t quite fit the paper size. You can override this in the program, but in this particular instance we chose to go with what Printique was suggesting.

Projects will be saved inside of Printique so you can easily order more in the future

From there it’s a matter of adding the items to your cart and supplying your payment information. Projects will be saved inside of Printique so you can easily order more in the future.


Prints cost $2.49 for 8x10 inch and $0.31 for 4x6 inch. I ordered three prints at each size, plus $6.95 for shipping, resulting in a total of $15.35 before tax.

Turnaround time

When we ordered our test prints last fall, Printique delivered one day earlier than their promised date range.


Printique’s prints arrived in a slightly oversized cardboard box and the print quality was what I have come to expect from this service over the years. The colors were consistent between the two sizes and the paper quality was very nice.

Printique offered my favorite print quality.