Fujifilm Instax Mini 90

Fujifilm instax mini 90
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Instax Mini format | 35mm equiv. F12.7 lens | Auto exposure control with exposure compensation

What we like:

  • Stylish
  • Small and and reasonably light
  • Offers exposure compensation
  • Cool creative modes
  • Powered by rechargeable battery

What we don't:

  • On the pricier side
  • Somewhat complicated to use
The Mini 90 is Fujifilm's top tier Instax Mini model complete with classic-styling, tons of creative modes and a rechargeable battery. Of Fujifilm's Instax Mini models, it offers the most manual exposure control.
There's no doubt that the Mini 90 is a looker, and it's also reasonably light-weight and compact for its class. The body is constructed of plastic, with a faux leather wrap: we didn't find it all that comfortable to hold or shoot with, though. However, one bit of the body design we did appreciate is the on/off switch wraps around the shutter (located on the front) which makes it easy to switch the camera on and catch a fleeting moment. It's powered by a supplied NP-45A rechargeable battery which should provide 100 shots per charge (that's ~10 film packs).
The level of manual control and sheer number of features may overwhelm some prospective buyers
There are plenty of cool creative modes to choose from including: Double Exposure, Bulb, Landscape and Macro mode (focus as close as 30cm / 1ft). There's also a 'Kid' mode for fast-moving subjects and a Party mode for balancing flash with ambient light. Two small LCDs on the back indicate which mode is selected as well as the number of shots remaining.
The Instax Mini 90 is one of only a few Instax Mini cameras with the ability to disable the flash completely in normal shooting mode. Even better, there are three exposure compensation settings: Dark (-2/3rd EV), Bright (+2/3rd EV) and Brighter (+1 EV). The camera uses an electronic variable speed shutter (1.8-1/400 sec) and a flash with a 2.7 m / 8.9 ft max range. There are three motor-driven focus positions: One for normal shooting, one for Macro mode and one for Landscape mode. Image quality is good, but the sheer number of options may require trial-and-error shooting which can burn through a lot of film until you've learned your way around the camera.
The level of manual control and sheer number of features the Instax Mini 90 offers might overwhelm some prospective buyers, and the same goes for the price. For the true artist or for those who want to experiment, film cost be damned, the Instax Mini 90 is a great option. For everyone else seeking a painless instant camera experience, a lesser model will do nicely.
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