Fujifilm XF10

24MP APS-C sensor | Fixed 28mm equiv. F2.8 lens | Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

What we like:

  • Excellent image quality and color
  • Compact, attractive design
  • Useful snap-focus mode

What we don't:

  • Slow and inaccurate focus
  • Laggy interface
  • 4K video limited to 15 fps
The XF10 is an affordable, fashionable and very compact camera that's capable of great image quality thanks to a large 24MP APS-C sensor and fixed 28mm-equivalent F2.8 lens.
The XF10's array of direct controls makes it easy to take control of your photography. In addition to the customizable buttons, you can assign functions to directional swipes of the touchscreen. Unfortunately, there's only one anchor point on the camera, so attaching both the lens cap and a wrist strap is awkward.
The XF10 has great JPEG color Fujifilm is known for
The XF10 is very prone to focus hunting, and even given plenty of light, you may be surprised to find mis-focused shots. A 'snap-focus' feature sets the lens to a predetermined focus point, but it's not the most precise way of working. Overall performance is lackluster, with most inputs having in a pronounced lag before the camera responds.
The XF10's image quality is superb. It has the great JPEG color Fujifilm is known for and the lens is also quite sharp despite its compact size. Fujifilm's 'Film Simulation modes' allow you to get a variety of different looks, but the XF10 is missing some of our favorite profiles from other models.
Although technically 4K capable, the XF10's footage is captured is at a stuttery 15 frames per second. Full HD capture is available at up to 60 fps but doesn't look to have strong detail capture, and we would recommend using manual focus only as autofocus tends to hunt.
The XF10 rewards photographers with excellent image quality, but punishes them with lackluster performance and autofocus that is simply unreliable. But there's no denying that it's an attractive camera, impressively compact and also affordable. For more experienced and patient photographers or those wanting to use the Snap Focus feature, the XF10 is a solid option. For those looking for a reliable point-and-shoot experience, it's best to look elsewhere.

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