Ricoh GR III

24MP APS-C sensor | 28mm equiv. F2.8 lens | Wi-Fi + Bluetooth

What we like:

  • Excellent image quality
  • Good controls and ergonomics
  • Truly pocketable

What we don't:

  • Short battery life
  • No built-in flash
  • Sluggish AF in low light
The Ricoh GR III comes with a modern 24MP sensor and a very sharp 28mm equivalent F2.8 lens in an incredibly compact yet well-built body. Its interface remains refined yet highly customizable, and the addition of a touchscreen and on-sensor phase detection autofocus make it the most capable GR yet.
Though it's incredibly small, the GR III handles well thanks to well-placed controls, flexible customization options and a responsive touchscreen. That touchscreen makes it easier than ever before to place your autofocus point, and aids navigation and zooming in playback as well. The grip is just the right size for easy one-handed operation.
The addition of on-sensor phase detection means the GR III focuses swiftly and accurately in good light, but it slows significantly as light levels drop. Of course, there's always the option for Snap Focus, where the user can preset a focus distance the camera 'snaps' to with a full press of the shutter button. Other than AF in low light, the GR III is a snappy performer, but its battery life is disappointing at a CIPA rated 200 shots per charge.
The modern 24MP sensor in the GR III is a great performer in terms of both resolution and low-light performance. Raw files are particularly impressive, though we continue to have reservations regarding dull JPEG colors. The redesigned lens is impressively sharp, and in-body image stabilization means you can confidently shoot down to around 1/10 sec shutter speeds without fuss. Plus, the built-in stabilizer can attempt to shake off any dust particles that may land on the sensor.
Simply put, the GR III is not a great video camera. You can capture 1080/60p footage with it (no 4K), the quality is extremely soft, the autofocus lackluster, and you have no control over your exposure parameters. There's no way to plug in a microphone or headphones. Simply put, if it's video you're after, this isn't the camera for you.
The Ricoh GR III gives photographers a ton of hands-on control while offering up image quality that's competitive with the best crop-sensor cameras out there, all while fitting into your pocket. Its short battery life and fixed focal length lens mean this camera certainly isn't for everyone, but it's a compelling offering for travel, street and casual photographers alike.

Studio Test Scene | Specifications Compared

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