Fujifilm X100F

24MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensor | 35mm equiv. F2 lens | Hybrid viewfinder

What we like:

  • Excellent viewfinder
  • Great ergonomics and design
  • Strong image quality
  • Large sensor and bright fixed lens

What we don't:

  • AF speeds not as fast as many of its peers
  • 1080p video is behind the times
  • Easy to accidentally bump focus/control dial
The Fujifilm X100F is the fourth-generation of the company’s classically styled large sensor prime lens compact. It is built around a 35mm equivalent F2 lens and has a 24MP APS-C sensor with Fujifilm’s X-Trans color filter array.
The X100F features extensive traditional dedicated controls for aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exposure compensation. On top of this, the ‘F’ version gains a joystick for AF positioning, along with a good number of custom buttons and command dials. The biggest feature of the camera’s user experience is the clever hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder, which can provide a very engaging experience.
The X100F offers image quality that’s every bit a match for its classy and attractive design
Performance is one of the key improvements of the X100F. It’s still not an especially speedy camera but its autofocus is faster than its predecessors to the point that it’s rarely a hindrance. The rest of the camera’s operation is immediate, which works well with the direct controls.
Image quality is the X100F’s great strength. The lens, while not great at close range, wide-open, is generally impressively sharp. The 24MP sensor looks as good here as it has in Fujifilm’s other models. Raw quality is good, with plenty of dynamic range to play with when post-processing, but the standout feature is the excellent JPEG color response.
Video, by contrast, is far from the X100F’s strong point. Beyond the limitations of shooting video with a fixed 35mm equiv camera, the video is restricted to 1080p and gives only limited control over autofocus.
The X100F offers image quality that’s every bit a match for its classy and attractive design. This latest version gains a considerable performance improvement that makes it a pleasure to use.

Studio Test Scene | Specifications Compared

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