Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III

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20MP 1"-type Stacked CMOS sensor | 24-600mm equiv. F2.4-4 lens | 4K video capture

What we like:

  • Long, very sharp lens
  • Very good image quality
  • Excellent video quality and features
  • High-res OLED viewfinder

What we don't:

  • Very expensive
  • Continuous AF not as fast or accurate as competition
  • On the bulky side
The Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III is a long-zoom, 'bridge-style' compact camera that features a 20MP 1"-type 'stacked' CMOS sensor and a generous set of stills and video specifications, including 4K capture and a range of high-speed video capture modes.
The RX10 III’s party piece is its 24-600mm equivalent zoom lens – one of the widest-ranging lenses we’ve ever seen on a camera of this type. Ergonomically, you definitely get the impression of a camera that has been ‘built around’ its lens though - not surprising considering the sheer size of the zoom. But despite this, the RX10 III handles well and is nicely balanced in the hand. Although it weighs just over a kilo, the camera is easy and comfortably to use 'one-handed.' The electronic viewfinder deserves to be called out, too - the clarity and 2.36M-dot resolution of the finder is really lovely, and this helps a lot on sunny days, when the image on the RX10 III’s rear LCD can be hard to see.
From macro shots of flowers to extreme telephoto studies of distant mountains, the RX10 III can be relied upon to deliver sharp, detailed images
The RX10 III’s autofocus system is relatively uncomplicated, and relies on contrast detection. As such there’s no way the camera should be relied upon to accurately track moving subjects, but accuracy is high in almost all situations, barring very low light and (depending on the subject matter) super telephoto shots, where contrast can drop due to haze.
As a stills camera the RX10 III is supremely versatile, and as we’d expect, image quality is solid throughout the ISO sensitivity range, with the camera’s Raw files being exceptionally malleability. We’ve been extremely impressed by how well the camera’s lens performs considering its extraordinary focal length range. From macro shots of flowers to extreme telephoto studies of distant mountains, the RX10 III can be relied upon to deliver sharp, detailed images.
As a video camera, the RX10 III also excels. It's capable of capturing really great-looking 4K video to the extent that we’re confident that a keen enthusiast or semi-pro videographer could easily make it the centerpiece of a 4K system, especially for ‘run and gun’ style work, where versatility and portability are key.
Overall, the Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III is one of the most adaptable (and expensive) compact cameras that we’ve ever used, and considering its proven image quality, wide-ranging zoom and solid 4K video feature set, we think it might be the best travel camera currently on the market.

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