Sony Cyber-shot RX10 IV

20MP 1"-type Stacked CMOS sensor | 24-600mm equiv. F2.4-4 lens | 4K video

What we like:

  • Long, very sharp lens
  • Very good image quality
  • Impressive subject tracking
  • Excellent video quality and features

What we don't:

  • Very expensive
  • Large and heavy
  • Some camera features locked while buffer clears
The Sony RX10 Mark IV is a 1"-type sensor superzoom with a bright 24-600mm equivalent lens. It's the first camera of its type to include on-sensor phase detection for faster, more dependable autofocus.
The RX10 IV offers a reasonable degree of direct control and customization, including a dedicated aperture ring, exposure comp dial and controls that can be kept silent for video shooting. It has a hefty, weather-sealed body along with a tilting touchscreen display and high-res OLED viewfinder.
The RX10 IV offers a high level of competence across an impressively broad range of shooting situations
On-sensor phase detection helps speed up focus acquisition at the long end of the zoom, as well as making AF more decisive and hence more dependable when video shooting. Subject tracking works very well, even when shooting at the camera's maximum 24 frames per second, an impressive performance for a fixed lens camera. It's a generally fast camera, though will lock you out of some features while the image buffer clears.
The F2.4-4.0 lens means you can get a decent amount of light to the sensor at any focal length, which helps get the most out of the camera's 1"-type sensor. The JPEGs' color isn't our favorite but the sophisticated sharpening and noise reduction mean they remain detailed even in fairly low light.
The camera's oversampled 4K is some of the most detailed available and exhibits little in the way of rolling shutter. Mic and headphone sockets, along with a selection of tools to help judge exposure make the RX10 IV one of the best and most flexible video cameras available.
The RX10 IV is an expensive camera but it's also unique in its combination of zoom range, image quality, autofocus and excellent video with a lot of detail. It's not the best possible solution to any one question but it offers a high level of competence across an impressively broad range of shooting situations.

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