Autel EVO II

Autel EVO II

Modular camera system | 8K/25p or 6K/30p video | 40-minute flight time

What we like:

  • Modular camera system
  • No geofencing
  • No account required to fly

What we don't:

  • Poorly designed remote
  • No panorama mode
The Autel EVO II is a prosumer drone with a modular camera system: you can purchase it with one camera and switch to another later. Most users will want either the standard EVO II configuration or the EVO II Pro. The standard version is the first consumer-grade drone to offer 8K video, while the Pro offers 6K recording on a larger 1"-type, 20MP sensor. The drone is bright orange, making it easier to spot in the sky than other models.
The EVO II delivers competitively long flight time and can remain in the air for up to 40 minutes, and operates at speeds up to 72.4 kph (45 mph). It's equipped with 12 computer vision sensors located on the front, rear, top, bottom, and sides for omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, though there are blind spots when flying diagonally. Some users will appreciate the lack of geofencing.
The Autel EVO II is a prosumer drone with a modular camera system: you can purchase it with one camera and switch to another later.
The standard EVO II camera has a 1/2" CMOS, 48MP Quad Bayer sensor and captures both JPEG and Raw images at up to 48MP resolution. It has a 26mm equivalent fixed-aperture F1.8 lens with a 79ยบ FOV and includes 8x digital zoom, with an advertised 4x lossless zoom. The EVO II Pro camera has a 20MP, 1"-type CMOS sensor with a 29mm equivalent lens and adjustable F2.8-F11 aperture. It also offers 8x digital zoom (3x lossless).
The standard EVO II can record video at 8K/25p, 6K/30p, 4K/60p, and 2.7K or 1080/120p at 120 Mbps with the H.265 codec. 10-bit is available in 8K, giving you the ability to punch in while still retaining detail. The camera on the EVO II Pro can capture 6K/30p, 4K/60p, and 1080/120p video at 120 Mbps with the H.265 codec. The 1"-type sensor gives you more cinematic footage overall.
The EVO II's remote is the same as the original EVO and could have better ergonomics. A built-in 3.3-inch OLED screen is included, and you can fly the drone using the remote alone. However, Autel recommends users attach their smartphone to the top of the remote and use its Explorer app. The drone can fly a maximum distance of 9 km (5.5 miles). There are eight Intelligent Flight Modes onboard, including Dynamic Track, which claims to track subjects including cars, boats, and animals. You can also alter the altitude while the drone flies autonomously.
The Autel EVO II series is a good option for professional remote pilots. Consumers will be overwhelmed with the busy app, which offers a multitude of settings. Photographers and videographers will like all the adjustments that can be made to the camera. Those seeking privacy will appreciate that you don't need to log in or create an account to operate the drone. A lack of geofencing will appeal to others, particularly if they've had issues unlocking the safety feature in the past.