Panasonic Lumix DC-LX100 Mark II

17MP Multi-Aspect CMOS sensor | 24-75mm equiv F1.8-2.8 zoom | Fixed touchscreen

What we like:

  • Very bright 24-75 equiv lens
  • Encourages experimenting with aspect ratios
  • Good low light performance

What we don't:

  • Field-sequential viewfinder (can show color 'tearing')
  • Fixed rear screen
  • Extra crop and no mic input limits video
The Panasonic Lumix DC-LX100 II is the company's flagship enthusiast compact, a 17MP camera with a multi-aspect ratio design and a bright 24-75mm equivalent zoom.
The Mark II is decently compact, though not quite pocketable. A touchscreen augments its traditional control dials, making it easy to specify an AF point. Overall it's pleasant and engaging to use, unless you're especially sensitive to the one-color-after-another refresh of its electronic viewfinder. An aspect ratio switch encourages experimentation.
The LX100 II adds some pleasant upgrades over a camera we really liked.
The LX100 II is a pretty speedy camera, with focus driven quickly and quietly. Its Depth-from-Defocus AF system, while not 100% reliable, is good at recognizing subjects and keeping them in focus. The main hold-up when using the camera is how slowly the lens moves while zooming.
The relatively large sensor and bright lens helps the LX100 II provide a level of image quality that's hard to match in such a small camera. The lens isn't tack sharp but the Raw files are flexible and the JPEGs, with updated color, are attractive.
There's a significant crop to the LX100 II's video, which lowers quality, limits your wide-angle options and makes it awkward to preview your framing. Autofocus in video is solid though not entirely dependable. With no mic or headphone sockets, the LX100 II is for casual clips only.
The LX100 II is a minor refresh to one of our favorite compacts. Its rivals now offer better video and nicer viewfinders but the Panasonic's combination of image quality and engaging, hands-on controls still make it well worth a look for the keen photographer.

Studio Test Scene | Specifications Compared

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