Sony ZV-E10

24MP APS-C sensor | Full-width 4K/24p video | Fully articulating display

What we like:

  • Simple and reliable autofocus
  • Detailed 4K video capture
  • Good mic and heaphone options
  • Great battery life

What we don't:

  • Significant 'jello' effect in 4K video
  • No in-body stabilizer
  • Touchscreen, overall interface are clunky
The Sony ZV-E10 is a 4K-shooting, vlogging-focused mirrorless camera based heavily on the company's existing a6000-series cameras, but with more video-centric features and handling.
A large record button and zoom rocker make the ZV-E10 easy to control from in front of the camera when utilizing the fully-articulated touchscreen. This panel can only be used to set focus, though, not change settings.
Autofocus works very well and is particularly good at tracking eyes and faces as they move within the scene. A vlogging-specific 'product showcase' mode gives priority to things held out in front of the camera, for smooth, professional-looking transitions. Battery life is good for such a small camera.
Video-focused ergonomics, dependable autofocus and high-quality internal microphones make the ZV-E10 a strong contender for vlogging
4K video is very detailed, with no crop for 24p video and only a minor one for 30p capture. There's some 'jello' rolling shutter effect while panning or during camera shake. You'll need to use a stabilized lens and digital stabilization (an extra 1.1x crop) for hand-held work. The built-in mic is excellent and you can use external mics and headphones.
Image quality from the ZV-E10 is excellent, with the 24MP APS-C sensor churning out detailed images with low noise and good dynamic range. JPEG color is generally pleasing, and there are a wide variety of lenses available for E-mount for just about any use case.
The ZV-E10 adds a good internal mic, a flexible screen and vlogging-friendly AF modes to the excellent AF and image quality of Sony's a6100, making it one of the most powerful, focused vlogging cameras on the market.

Carey Rose

Studio Test Scene

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