Panasonic Lumix DC-GH6

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25MP BSI sensor with dual output gain | In-body image stabilization | Built-in fan for extended record times

What we like:

  • Wide range of video modes and codecs
  • Fan allows extended recording periods
  • Effective stabilization in stills and video

What we don't:

  • Autofocus flutters in video, especially at 24p
  • Still image dynamic range behind peers
The GH6 is Panasonic's highest-end, video-focused Micro Four Thirds camera, an image stabilized, fan-cooled 25MP camera capable of 4K/120 and open-gate 5.8K/30 shooting.
The GH6 uses controls familiar from existing GH cameras, with a wide array of well-positioned, customizable control points. The front grip is substantial, helping to accommodate the added bulk of the built-in fan.
The GH6 has an extensive range of video tools but it seems to sacrifice peak image quality for usability at higher ISOs.
Autofocus in stills is generally very effective, utilizing subject recognition to support the camera's subject tracking. In video there's still a degree of pulsing as the camera finds and re-confirms focus, most visible in 24 and 23.98p modes. A focus limiter lets you ensure focus is never totally lost.
The GH6 offers highly detailed video with low rolling shutter in a wide variety of frame rates, bitrates and codecs. It also offers one of the most comprehensive range of tools for assessing color, exposure and focus of any stills/video hybrid, making video its standout feature.
Image quality it good, with a decent level of detail capture and attractive JPEG color. However there appears to be less dynamic range in the low ISO Raw files than its rivals, with performance not improving until three stops above base ISO, when the sensor's dual readout modes are both used.
We've been impressed with how usable the GH6 it is, particularly for high-quality video capture. It delivers its best performance once its DR Boost mode has kicked in, and concerns about its autofocus remain. It's still one of the strongest stills/video hybrids around.

Jordan Drake