Sony FX3

Sony FX3

12MP full-frame BSI sensor | In-body stabilization | 4K capture up to 120p

What we like:

  • Excellent 4K quality with extensive output options
  • Built-in fan gives thermal stability
  • In-body image stabilization

What we don't:

  • No shutter angle control (only shutter speed)
  • Waveforms would be useful
  • 4K not quite as detailed as best peers
  • No EVF for working in bright light
The Sony FX3 is a full-frame, 4K video camera that's part of Sony's Cinema Line. It's essentially an a7S III in a video-focused body.
The FX3 has three control dials allowing control of shutter speed, aperture (iris) and ISO. A series of customizable buttons means an accessible one can function as [REC] even when rigged up, while an array of 1/4-20 mounts adds flexibility. A top-handle with XLR inputs completes the video-friendly layout.
Delivers excellent 4K at up to 120p with nearly all the tools a videographer might need
The FX3 includes on-sensor phase detect and is very good at identifying and tracking subjects, and maintaining focus on people even when they look away from the camera. The included battery gives a good level of endurance for video shooting.
The FX3's 10-bit footage is hugely flexible, and is available at up to 4K/120. We found the '16-bit' Raw output required a lot of work just to compete with the attractive OOC footage. Video AF isn't quite as dependable as in stills but is some of the best you'll find. A 'Cine EI' mode offers a videographer-friendly way to expose.
The FX3 is also capable of very good stills image quality, with excellent Raw performance and a very good JPEG engine. However its 12MP resolution means there are probably better options if you want to shoot stills and video.
The FX3 is a very solid video camera, gaining the excellent autofocus from the a7 series while inheriting some of the handling of the Cinema Line. It loses the viewfinder that the otherwise similar a7S III offers but instead has a smaller, more adaptable body, along with a top handle and XLR inputs.

Richard Butler