Panasonic Lumix DC-S1R

47MP full-frame CMOS sensor | In-body image stabilization | 187MP ‘High-Res’ mode

What we like:

  • Excellent build quality
  • Effective stabilization system
  • Great results from high-res mode

What we don't:

  • Quite large and heavy
  • Autofocus wobble in AF-C can be distracting
  • High price compared to immediate peers
The Panasonic S1R is a high-end mirrorless camera with a stabilized full-frame 47MP sensor. It shares the same body design as the lower-resolution Panasonic S1 and offers a 187MP 'High-res' mode for tripod-based shooting.
With lots of direct controls, the S1R feels more like a high-end DSLR than its mirrorless rivals. It's fairly comfortable to hold and most controls are well placed. The body is weather sealed and even the dual-hinged rear screen feels solid. Illuminated controls are a benefit for low light work. The EVF is very high res but the detail level drops as the camera focuses.
The Panasonic S1R is a truly excellent camera for a variety of photographers
The S1R uses Panasonic's Depth-from-Defocus autofocus system, which provides incredibly fast and accurate single AF speeds. Unfortunately, shooting with continuous AF results in a distracting focus 'wobble' in the viewfinder and lowers the burst speed to 6fps - though still provides pretty good accuracy. Otherwise, the S1R is an incredibly responsive camera, though battery life is unremarkable despite an enormous battery pack.
The Panasonic S1R pumps out seriously impressive images. The JPEGs balance detail and noise reduction well, with good, and Raw files are very flexible, but a bit less flexible than the best of the competition. The stand out here is the high-res mode - it requires a tripod, but puts out 187MP files that are oozing with fine detail. The 'motion correction' options do a pretty good job of handling movement in the scene, at the risk of some slight artifacts in your images.
The S1R can capture stabilized 4K/60p with a slight crop using pixel binning, and to our eyes, its quality is the best among high-resolution full-frame mirrorless cameras. Both a headphone and microphone port are included on the camera body, and the camera's manual focus can be adapted to make it more predictable for video work.
With a ton of features, incredible build quality, great controls and impressive image and video quality, the Panasonic S1R is a truly excellent camera for a variety of photographers. The only real Achilles' heel concerns the autofocus system, particularly while shooting bursts - the 'wobble' effect and slow shooting speed will be off-putting to action and event photographers. But for others that don't mind a heavy camera body and have the cash to spend, the S1R is a workhorse that will serve them well for a long time to come.

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