Fujifilm GFX 50S

50MP medium format sensor | Dual SD Card slots | Weather sealed

What we like:

  • Impressive resolution
  • Mass-market interface and responsiveness
  • Very precise autofocus

What we don't:

  • Marginal image quality gain over best full-frame cameras
  • Autofocus can be relatively slow
The GFX 50S is a 50MP mirrorless camera built around a 44 x 33mm medium format sensor. It's part of a modern system that uses Fujifilm's G-mount lenses.
The GFX 50S has a large handgrip that makes it comfortable to operate, despite its substantial heft. It uses command dials in addition to dedicated aperture, shutter speed and ISO dials. There's no exposure comp dial, though. Plenty of customization allows most key settings to be easily accessed.
While light, fast and capable by medium format standards, its image quality isn't significantly better than the GFX's smaller, lighter, faster and often cheaper rivals
The camera's autofocus is contrast-detection only, which gives it impressive precision, making it easy to gain full advantage of all those pixels. But, while it's fast in comparison to other medium format cameras, it's not nearly as responsive as most full-frame cameras. Operation speed again is impressive for medium format but not quite as snappy as smaller-sensor rivals.
Image quality is very good, with flexible Raw files and a range of attractive JPEG color options that let you deliver proofs that clients are likely to immediately love. The lion's share of any image quality benefit over full frame stems from the excellent GF lenses, rather than the camera's larger sensor size.
Video is hardly a core requirement of medium format cameras, but the GFX 50S does a pretty decent job of serving up attractive 1080 footage. The rolling shutter is fairly pronounced, but it's more than usable, again thanks to Fujifilm's attractive color rendering.
If you look solely at the camera body, it's hard to justify the GFX 50S over its high-res full-frame peers because, while light, fast and capable by medium format standards, the image quality isn't significantly better than the smaller, lighter, faster and often cheaper rivals. However, the GF lenses make it easier to get full benefit from its 50MP, meaning it regularly delivers to its full capability.

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