Canon EOS M6 II

32.5MP APS-C sensor | 14 fps burst shooting | 4K/30p video

What we like:

  • Very good image quality
  • Dual Pixel AF offers good focus speed and accuracy
  • Compact, yet plenty of controls
  • Fast burst shooting with continuous AF

What we don't:

  • Limited battery life
  • USB charging appears to demand PD-type adapters
  • 4K footage isn't very detailed
The EOS M6 Mark II is a 32MP APS-C mirrorless camera that uses Canon's EF-M mount. It's a small body that's available with a slot-in EVF. It features the company's Dual Pixel AF system, plus 4K video capture and a 30 fps Raw burst feature.
Despite being small, the M6 Mark II has a comfortable grip and finds room for plenty of controls. Three control dials (including a small, fiddly one on the rear face), a handful of customizable buttons and a well-designed touchscreen interface make the M6 II a pleasure to shoot with.
The M6 II isn't necessarily the best camera in most respects, but it's competitive across the board.
The camera's Dual Pixel AF is effective for both stills and video shooting, and features such as subject tracking and Face/Eye detection are well integrated, making them easy to use. Tracking is good, rather than great, but is usually effective. Shooting at 7 fps with live view is usually more practical than the 14 fps option. Battery life is pretty low, but you can charge over USB if you have a charger that supports USB Power Delivery.
The 32.5MP sensor performs well in terms of noise, dynamic range and resolution. An anti-aliasing filter reduces the risk of moire while still allowing the camera to deliver more detail than its mid-range peers. The default JPEG sharpening is a little crude but can be fine-tuned to suit your needs.
The M6 II's 4K footage is significantly less detailed than its mid-range rivals, but the simple tap-to-track autofocus makes it one of the easier cameras to shoot with. There's no headphone socket for audio monitoring, but the camera maintains enough distinct settings to make it quick and easy to switch from stills to video shooting and back.
The M6 II is an excellent mid-range camera whose well-designed ergonomics and user interface help it stand out against very capable rivals. There are better cameras in terms of autofocus, or video, or battery life, but its all-around competence and capability makes it a very likeable photographer's camera.

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