Canon EOS R5

45MP full-frame sensor | Dual Pixel AF | Up to 8K full-width Raw video

What we like:

  • Impressive image quality
  • Excellent ergonomics, usability
  • Impressive AF with 100% coverage
  • Internal HDR or 10-bit 4:2:2 video capture
  • Great in-body stabilization

What we don't:

  • Overheating looks to be a problem in video
  • So-so battery life with EVF at 120 fps
  • HDR stills options a bit buried, internal displays not HDR capable
The Canon EOS R5 is a versatile and capable full-frame mirrorless camera that can shoot 45 megapixel stills at up to 20 frames per second and capture 8K video.
The EOS R5 has a comfortable grip, well-placed autofocus controls and three control dials for quick setting changes. The viewfinder and screen are lovely, with a 'high fps' setting that looks great but reduces battery life. The camera feels solid without being too heavy, and promises weather-sealing.
The EOS R5 could easily find a home with landscape, wedding, event and even sports photographers
The AF system covers 100% of the frame, detects both humans and animals, and is extremely effective for all kinds of moving subjects. The camera starts and responds near-instantly. It can shoot long bursts at up to 20 fps using the electronic shutter (12 fps using the mechanical shutter). Battery life is pretty good, though reduced by the fast viewfinder mode.
JPEG images offer pleasing color, excellent detail and low noise. Raw dynamic range is excellent, though not class-leading, and the in-body image stabilizer helps ensure sharp hand-held photos even at very slow shutter speeds.
Video quality at the highest settings is truly excellent, though heat becomes an issue. A 'standard quality' 4K mode gives near-unlimited recording with output that's only a little less detailed than its peers. It's very easy to switch from stills to video and back, video AF is reliable and 10-bit capture provides HDR or flexible Log options.
Although heat build-up limits how long you can shoot super high-quality video, the EOS R5 remains an excellent all-around option for photographers of all kinds. The EOS R5 could easily find a home among landscape, wedding, event and even sports photographers that are looking for a well-built, do-it-all mirrorless camera.

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