Sony a7R IV A

61MP full-frame sensor | Sophisticated AF tracking | 240MP high-res mode

What we like:

  • Excellent resolution and DR
  • Simple, powerful AF system
  • Detailed 4K video capture

What we don't:

  • Video limited to 8-bit capture
  • High-res files must be assembled on PC
  • Complex interface, clunky touchscreen
The Sony a7R IV is a 60MP full-frame camera capable of 4K video and high-speed capture. It features an AF tracking system that's both simple and powerful, as well as revised ergonomics.
The a7R IV has a deep hand grip and large buttons which are easily operated with gloves. The viewfinder is high resolution, but doesn't always use its full resolution. The touchscreen is somewhat under-used and the menus are a little overwhelming. Overall, it's a comfortable and responsive camera.
The a7R III 'A' gains a higher resolution rear screen but is otherwise identical to the existing model
The a7R IV's autofocus tracking offers a combination of power and simplicity. It tracks subjects around the frame and will choose eye, face or subject AF as appropriate. Accuracy drops slightly while shooting bursts, when shooting backlit subjects and in very low light, but overall the a7R IV's speed and AF system adds significant flexibility for a high-res camera. Dual UHS-II card slots are helpful for those shooting fast action bursts of images.
Image quality is very impressive. There's a very slight noise increase over its predecessor but the detail levels are extremely high and the dynamic range is very good. JPEG color is attractive, too. A multi-shot 240MP mode is included but can only really be used for static subjects.
The a7R IV's 4K video is very detailed for such a high-resolution camera. You can capture footage from the full sensor width, or get more detailed results from a 1.6 or 1.8x crop region. All output is 8-bit, which limits processing flexibility, though. It also accepts digital audio input, either from a dedicated mic or the optional XLR adapter.
The Sony a7R IV is among the most capable cameras we've tested, ever. From the impressive resolution to the easy-to-use autofocus system and fast burst speeds to good video quality, there is little you can't photograph and produce a billboard-sized print of if you have an a7R IV in your hands.

Studio Test Scene | Specifications Compared

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