Canon EOS R6

20MP full-frame sensor | Dual Pixel AF | In-body stabilization

What we like:

  • Fast shooting rates
  • 4K footage at up to 60p
  • Can reduce shake by up to 8 stops

What we don't:

  • 20MP resolution might be low for some applications
  • Other camera use cuts into video record limit
  • Prone to rolling shutter
The EOS R6 is Canon's midrange full-frame camera, built around an image-stabilized 20MP sensor with Dual Pixel autofocus. When combined with certain lenses, the camera's in-body image stabilizer can reduce shake by up to 8 stops.
Ergonomics are excellent with three well-positioned dials, a joystick, touchscreen and comfortable grip. The use of viewfinder to shoot and LCD to review images gives a very DSLR-like experience. It features the familiar Canon menus and interface though, like all Canon cameras, would benefit from more flexible and consistent customization options for all buttons and features.
The Canon EOS R6 comes at a premium compared with its mid-range full-frame rivals, but its specs are also more impressive
The autofocus is very good and extends across most of the frame. It tracks well, especially when it detects humans or animals, even at its full 20 fps rate. It can still shoot at 12fps with mechanical shutter. Fine-tuning the AF can get complex but it rarely demands it. Battery life is reasonable, rather than impressive.
Image quality is similar to the EOS-1D X III, which has a related sensor. That means attractive, detailed JPEGs and flexible Raw files. 20MP isn't particularly high resolution but the gap to its 24MP peers isn't significant. Our test shots suggest moiré (with sharp lenses) is more apparent than any softening from the AA filter.
The EOS R6 can shoot UHD 4K at up to 60p from a slightly cropped region of its sensor. Stabilization is impressive, as is the out-of-camera HDR footage. There's noticeable rolling shutter in 24 and 30p footage and its 40 minute thermal limit can kick-in if you're shooting stills and video.
The Canon EOS R6 comes at a premium compared with its mid-range full-frame rivals but its features are also more impressive. Its video capability isn't quite as stellar as its specs imply but stills are excellent and it's a superb camera to shoot with.

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