Sony a7C

24MP BSI-CMOS full-frame sensor | In-body image stabilization | Oversampled 4K video

What we like:

  • Great image quality
  • 5-axis image stabilization in a compact body
  • Excellent battery life
  • Impressive, easy-to-use AF system

What we don't:

  • Small EVF
  • All three dials must be controlled with thumb
  • Complex menus
The Sony a7C is a comparatively compact full-frame mirrorless camera built around an image-stabilized 24MP sensor.
The a7C gives plenty of direct control, but all its main control dials need to be controlled with your thumb, rather than thumb-and-forefinger. A small viewfinder is the main cost of keeping the camera body small. The camera menus are also somewhat complex.
The a7C makes for an impressive go-anywhere camera, particularly for travel.
AF is very good, with the AI-trained subject recognition doing a reliable job of tracking whatever subject you point it at, especially for human or animal subjects. Performance is generally pretty snappy but the main and Fn menus are inaccessible when the camera is writing to a card, which can slow things a little. Buying the fastest card you can afford will reduce write times.
Image quality is very good. Attractive JPEGs do a good job in terms of color, sharpening and noise reduction. Raw files have plenty of dynamic range but you'll need to shoot very large uncompressed Raw images if you expect to really push the files.
4K video is very detailed but requires a slight crop to shoot 30p footage (24p is full-frame). A good selection of tools is provided, including mic and headphone sockets and autofocus is very good. Exposure settings are carried-over from stills to video shooting and back again, which can slow down moves between the two.
The a7C is a very capable camera in a reasonably small package. You pay a price for that downsizing: most notably the small, low-res viewfinder, but it makes for an impressive go-anywhere camera, particularly for travel.

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