OM System OM-1

Stacked CMOS with X-type AF | IP53 environmental sealing | 50fps bursts with AF

What we like:

  • High speed shooting with full AF
  • Excellent image stabilization
  • Detailed 4K video

What we don't:

  • AF Tracking fairs poorly with non-recognized subjects
  • 4K in standard color modes much less detailed than Log/HLG
  • Face detect & subject recognition not well integrated
The OM System OM-1 is a 20MP Micro Four Thirds mirrorless camera that can shoot at up to 50 frames per second with full autofocus.
The OM-1 has plenty of direct controls and a good level of customization. It has a comfortable grip and a fully-articulated touchscreen. A new menu system is well arranged and quick to learn.
Stacked CMOS sensor powers the camera's high-speed and multi-shot capabilities.
The OM-1's AF has be trained to recognize a range of animals and vehicles and tracks these well. It's much less good at general subject tracking away from these modes, though. Impressively the OM-1 can AF and shoot Raw at up to 50fps (120fps without AF), and can pre-buffer images so you capture the moments before fully pressing the shutter button.
Image quality is good, with vibrant JPEGs that pull a lot of detail from the camera's 20MP sensor. Raw files are as flexible as you might hope for from a four thirds type sensor. Multi-shot modes lets you capture 50 or 80MP images or help deliver long-exposure effects.
The OM-1 can shoot UHD 4K footage at up to 60fps, with the camera's excellent image stabilization making it easy to shoot hand-held. Detail levels are much higher in the 10-bit HLG and Log modes than the 8-bit/standard profile modes. Video AF has similar strengths (and weaknesses) to stills mode.
The OM-1 delivers fast shooting, well stabilized video and impressive tracking of the subjects it's been trained to recognize. Its tracking of other subjects is disappointing and we'd like to see the better video quality available in standard color profiles, but overall the OM-1 offers a lot of power in a compact package.

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