Fujifilm X-T5

What we like:

  • Dedicated dial interface shows your settings
  • Detailed 40MP images
  • Photo-centric design and feature set

What we don't:

  • Autofocus prone to false-positives
  • Significant rolling shutter in e-shutter mode
  • Smaller buffer, lower-spec video than X-H2
The Fujifilm X-T5 is a classically-styled, photo-focused 40MP enthusiast mirrorless camera, based around an image-stabilized BSI sensor.
The X-T5 features dedicated control dials for ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation, along with a film-era SLR-style low-profile front grip. Its rear screen tilts up and down but also hinges outward for portrait-orientation shooting.
The X-T5 foregoes some of the X-H2's video features to offer a more photo-centric experience with classic styling
The X-T5 can detect a variety of subjects from animals to vehicles, and tracking performance is quite good with these. Tracking for unrecognized subjects is less dependable and eye detection is prone to false positives. Buffer depth while shooting at 15fps is reasonable.
The X-T5 produces highly detailed Raw and JPEG files, with the latter benefiting from Fujifilm's array of attractive 'Film Simulation' color modes. A 40MP APS-C sensor means relatively high pixel-level noise but results that are competitive when viewed at a common output size.
Video performance can be either full width but less detailed, or oversampled from a crop of the sensor. The use of SD cards means it doesn't share the X-H2's high-data-rate ProRes options. There's no headphone jack but audio can be monitored through the USB port with an included adapter.
Having the X-H2 and X-H2S available to meet the needs of videographers allows the X-T5 to fulfill photographers' desires for stills-centric handling and features. For photographers who enjoy Fujifilm's traditional dial-based controls, there's no more capable body than the X-T5.

Chris Niccolls / Richard Butler

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