Canon EOS R7

32.3MP Dual Pixel AF APS-C sensor | Up to 30fps (15fps with mech shutter) | Oversampled 4K/30p (with 4K/60 options)

What we like:

  • Strong all-rounder for stills and video
  • Simple, effective AF in stills
  • 10-bit video or stills capabilities

What we don't:

  • AF in video less reliable
  • Relatively low-res viewfinder
  • Few well-matched RF lens options
The Canon EOS R7 is a 32MP, image-stabilized APS-C mirrorless camera aimed at enthusiast photographers and videographers.
The R7 looks and feels like a compact DSLR, with a substantial hand grip and well-spaced control points. Not everyone will like its rear command dial, which encircles the AF joystick, making it easy to nudge the wrong control. The menus and interface are easy to understand.
A solid enthusiast camera if the lenses you want are available.
Photo AF is very good and very simple: select an AF point style, whether you want it to track your subject and which type of subject it should expect to track. E-shutter shooting is prone to some rolling shutter, but a 15fps mechanical shutter mode with a reasonable buffer is a very useful capability.
Image quality is good, with attractive JPEG color and detail, and flexible Raw files that give plenty of scope for adjustment and processing.
The EOS R7 produces good-looking 4K video at up to 30p, or rather softer 60 fps video from the full width of the sensor. Cropped-in 60p footage is more detailed but also more prone to noise, and it's hard to find a lens with a wide-angle view to compensate. AF in video is decent but can tend to refocus away from your specified subject.
The EOS R7 is a solid, well-thought-out enthusiast level APS-C mirrorless camera. It can shoot 'EF' DSLR lenses with an adapter, but the limited number of well-matched RF lenses may be limiting. A great option if you're happy to use the lens that typically comes with the camera.

Richard Butler

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