Fujifilm X-T4

26MP X-Trans CMOS sensor | 5-axis image stabilization | 4K/60p video

What we like:

  • In-body image stabilization
  • Attractive color modes
  • 10-bit 4K video capture
  • Engaging, customizable operation

What we don't:

  • Limited tools for video exposure
  • Included adapter required for headphone use
The Fujifilm X-T4 is an image-stabilized 26MP mirrorless camera that's as capable shooting video as it is at stills.
The X-T4 includes dedicated dials for shutter speed, ISO and exposure compensation, but with a good degree of customization for its buttons and command dials. It's a midsized, solidly built camera with a small but comfortable grip and includes both a touchscreen and joystick for quick operation.
The addition of image stabilization could make it one of the best stills/video cameras on the market.
The X-T4's subject tracking can be very good, but can be distracted by similarly colored objects, and isn't great at dealing with subjects whose pace changes. Face detection is somewhat erratic, occasionally losing faces or finding ones where none exists. Despite these caveats it can perform well for many uses.
The X-T4's image quality is a match for that of the X-T3, which makes it very good. The sensor performs well compared to its APS-C peers and a choice of attractive and practical JPEG color modes makes it something of a favorite. An in-camera HDR mode does a decent job of combining images and correcting for moving subjects.
The X-T4's image stabilization makes its 10-bit 4K output even more usable. Image stabilization lets you hand-hold static shots but the camera will sometimes correct subtle panning movements. There's also no subject tracking AF in video, though it can follow faces. The camera can maintain separate stills and video settings, allowing error-free shooting of both, moment to moment.
The X-T4 offers excellent spec in both stills and video shooting and is well designed for constant switching back and forth between the two. Its autofocus can perform very well but isn't as simple or dependable as the best of its peers. Overall, though, we found we loved both the experience and the output of the X-T4.

Richard Butler

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