The Blackberry Z10 pushes the ISO to an unusual value of 719 to capture our low light scene. The Samsung Galaxy S3 selects a similarly high sensitivity with ISO 800 but the Nokia Lumia 920 and Apple iPhone 5 stay lower with ISO 640 and 500 respectively. The latter selects a similar shutter speed to the Blackberry though, resulting in a visibly darker exposure.

The Blackberry image shows the largest amount of luminance noise in this comparison which is partly due to the higher sensitivity, partly due to the least aggressive noise reduction among the four devices shown here.The Nokia Lumia image is much smoother but has almost all fine detail blurred away. The Samsung has chosen a similar approach but to a lesser degree. It shows a little more detail but also a lot of unpleasant noise reduction artifacts.

The iPhone arguably shows the best compromise between noise reduction and preservation of detail (although, as mentioned above, with a slightly darker exposure) but overall the Blackberry Z10 is doing a decent job. The image is grainy but chroma noise is well under control, with good saturation even at high sensitivities.