The Blackberry Z10 does well when presented with our daylight-balanced studio scene. While some fine detail is being smeared by noise reduction even at low ISOs, detail capture is good for an 8MP device and there is little distortion.

On the downside edges on the right side of the frame are a little soft, indicating that the lens on our test sample might be slightly decentered.  Auto White Balance produces a slightly warm cast and, like in the iPhone 5, grain is visible in areas of plain color, even at low sensitivities.

That said, the slightly smoother appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 920 in this comparison is the result of more aggressive noise reduction which also removes more fine detail. Overall the Blackberry is doing a decent job at rendering our test scene in good light. The edge softness is problematic when looking at the full-size image but becomes less of an issue when images are shared at lower resolutions.