Studio scene in bright light

In good light the iPhone 5s' image quality is very close to its predecessor, the iPhone 5. However, presumably thanks to a reduced need for noise reduction at low ISOs on the new sensor, fine low contrast detail is rendered even a touch better. Purely in terms of measured resolution the iPhone 5s cannot keep up with a high pixel-count device such as the Nokia Lumia 1020 but the difference to the 13MP Samsung Galaxy S4 is minimal. In any case the Apple's 8MP images should be enough for any online sharing and most printing purposes.

At a pixel level the output of the 5s looks very clean, with just the right amount of sharpening and very few artifacts. A small amount of luminance noise is visible in the shadow areas of the scene but it's no more than in the competition's images. Overall the Apple iPhone 5s is doing an excellent job in this bright light scene, rendering a clean image with good detail and a pleasantly natural color response.