Image Quality Compared (Studio - Low Light)


The iPhone 5 does a repeatable job when we turn the lights down on our studio scene, and overall the balance of noise reduction to detail retention is pretty good. Compared to the HTC One X the iPhone 5's output appears slightly softer, but this is due to the characteristically aggressive noise reduction of the HTC. For small prints and web use though, the HTC's approach - which looks distinctly crunchy at 100%, will look slightly punchier. The Samsung Galaxy SIII gives relatively smooth tones, but a lots of detail is smoothed away as well, and compared to the other cameras in this comparison, the SIII's output just looks slightly soft overall.

The Nokia 808 Pureview - again - gives the best image quality of the lot, offering detail resolution at ISO 400 that is far superior to the other cameras in this selection when examined closely. Its color rendition isn't very attractive though - the 808's exposure is cool to the point of being rather lifeless, which is especially bad news for skin tones.