Image Quality Compared (Studio - Bright Light)


The iPhone 5 does very well when presented with our studio scene, lit under bright daylight-simulation lamps. Detail capture is impressively high given its pixel count of 8MP and edge to edge sharpness is impressive. Less impressive is the grainy look of areas of plain tone, especially the gray card at the center of this scene, which is noisier than the other three cameras in this comparison. To be fair though, in the case of the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the HTC One X, their smoother tones are almost certainly the result of more aggressive noise reduction. This removes a small amount of detail too, which is evident in some of the fabrics scattered around this scene. 

The HTC phone gives impressive resolution, but noise reduction and aggressive sharpening have given this scene a 'crunchy' appearance that doesn't look awful, but stands in stark contrast to the much more natural rendering from the Nokia 808 PureView - the stand-out camera in this selection.