Photo sharing app Wedding Party has a website where users can upload non-mobile photos and view the images uploaded from the app.

When a professional wedding photographer gets married, you know its going to be a seriously photogenic affair. So when my friend Samantha got engaged to her now-husband Daniel, I knew I was going to be a bridesmaid in the most well-documented wedding of 2013.

When the date arrived (she chose second-longest day of the year for optimum magic hour light), she had her bridal party prepared. We were not only there for support, we were second shooters — snapping smartphone photos for her records. Those smartphone photos were instructed to go in one place, the Wedding Party app.

Samantha chose Wedding Party for a couple reasons — not least of which is that the app is free for both the bride/groom who set up the account as well as the guests who are uploading photos. Other than the obvious importance of being free, Wedding Party also appeals to the Pinterest bride. Its interface is clean and warm, with thin lettering and subtle details. It's also multi-platform. Being an iPhone photographer, I only used the iOS version of the app, but Wedding Party is also available for Android.

Wedding Party hosts event information as well as photos.
The timeline organizes the photos based on when they were taken.

To start using Wedding Party, you type in your wedding's unique name. While it is nice that Wedding Party doesn't require something like a QR code to access an account, it would be better if there was a two- tiered access system. Looking for Samantha and Daniel's account, I accidentally signed into another wedding for a different Samantha and Daniel who had their wedding the week after my friends.

One of these things is not like the other...

After trying to exit the strangers' wedding, I couldn't figure it out, so I just left it. (Wedding Party's website says that you have to email them to get removed — not exactly something you have time to do the day of a wedding). A couple weeks later, I got an email tell me to "see the photos you missed from Samantha and Daniel's wedding." It seemed like a great wedding and all, but I didn't want to see their photos and I'm sure they didn't want me to have access to them. An easy fix to this would be a second "is this the wedding you are looking for?" page after the first "Join a Wedding" page.

When you are ready to upload your photos, tap the +Share icon on the bottom of the page. Here you can upload or take photos or write a note. You can upload multiple photos at once, creating a queue that will count down in a notification banner on the top of the app. If you are uploading a lot of photos in one day, Wedding Party will suggest images that it thinks you want to share. Wedding Party uploads photos at a maximum measurement of 1200px and will organize the photos based on time and date.

Once the photos are on Wedding Party's Timeline, you can "like" the images as well as comment, tag other guests, save the photo to your device, share the image on Facebook, or delete it all together.

You can upload multiple photos at once into Wedding Party. A live uploading feed will run in the notification banner at the top of the page.
Users can like and comment on photos within Wedding Party. The ellipsis icon opens downloading, tagging, and sharing options.

The uploading platform is not without its glitches. Two weeks after the wedding, the app was still trying to finish uploading my last batch of images, even though they were all visible on the timeline. It would also be nice to see a batch downloading feature for guests. The bride and groom (or whoever sets up the wedding in the app) can download the photos from Wedding Party's website, but guests have to download images one-by-one. 

In the website version of the app, users can upload non-mobile photos after the wedding is over and Wedding Party's partnership with means that you can stream your guest's photos from your wedding website.

Overall, Wedding Party struck me as a great app but one in need of some updates. Aside from the uploading glitch, I'd like to be able to post videos as well as full-quality photos. But in the end, you can't beat the price. For a free app, Wedding Party does its job and looks good while doing it.

What we like:  A user interface cool enough to please even the trendiest bride, with both Android and iOS support. Website allows for non-mobile photo uploads. The in-app timeline is clean and has likes, comments and photo tagging.

What we don't like: A little glitchy, can't upload full-resolution images, easily allows access to other's weddings even if you don't want it.